Friday, June 4, 2010

We're all so dirty

Recently, a business education blog called Online MBA conducted a study looking at online pornography. Here are some of their findings:

--According to the study, 12% of all websites on the Internet are pornographic. That's nearly 25 MILLION websites overall.

--ONE in FOUR search engine queries . . . roughly 68 MILLION a day . . . are related to pornography. Also, it pains to me say that there are 116,000 searches for "child pornography" every day.

--The most popular pornographic search term is "sex," followed by "adult dating" and "porn."

--40 MILLION Americans regularly visit at least one pornographic website. About a THIRD of them are women.

--35% of all Internet downloads are pornographic.

--The average age a child first sees online pornography is 11.

--ONE in FIVE guys admit they look at porno at work, and so do 13% of women.

--The average visit to a pornographic website lasts six minutes and 29 seconds.

--The state with the highest rate of pornographic website subscriptions is Utah.

--The least popular day of the year to look at pornography is Thanksgiving. And the most popular day of the week to view online smut is Sunday.

--Every second, $3,075.64 is spent on Internet pornography. And at any given moment, 28,258 people are watching online smut.

--Overall, the online pornography industry pulls in $2.84 BILLION a year in the U.S. alone. That accounts for 58% of the $4.9 BILLION Internet pornography pulls in worldwide.

(Huffington Post)

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