Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Some Answers about Willie cutting his hair

Last week, the world found out that WILLIE NELSON cut his hair. And this week we know why. It was just too much trouble.

--He tells Canada's "National Post", quote, "I felt like I was pulling a trailer it had gotten so long.

--"My hair was way down below my waist, it was a problem . . . it was heavy, it got dirty and I couldn't wash it because I hurt my arm playing golf. I was using a five wood and hit a rock, and when I hurt my arm that was the last straw.

--"I couldn't take care of my hair by myself and I had to have Annie, my wife, help me wash it."

--Willie was so fed up he didn't even bother hiring a professional to do the cutting.

--He explains, quote, "I was looking for a pair of scissors and I found one in the bathroom drawer and just reached back there and grabbed the ponytail and just cut it as close as I could get it."

This still doesn't answer my burning question, Where are the braids? Did he not save them for a museum, charity auction or something?

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