Friday, May 7, 2010

Hollywood's sexy single moms


Something tells me the SYMPATHY VOTE came into play here, but SANDRA BULLOCK was voted Hollywood's Sexiest Single Mom by clients of the matchmaking website And it was a landslide.

--Sandra was voted Sexiest Single Mom by 65% of men and 55% of women. Nobody else was even close.

--KATE WINSLET got 15.1% of men and 4.4% of women.

--REESE WITHERSPOON got 2.5% of the vote from both men AND women.

--PAMELA ANDERSON scored 6.4% from the guys and 3% from the ladies.

--MADONNA was only sexy to 1.5% of guys . . . but she rated big with women . . . 20%. (???)

--KATE HUDSON got 2.5% of the guys and 1.5% of the ladies.

--DENISE RICHARDS was the favorite of 4% of men and 10.4% of women.

--And KATE GOSSELIN rated with . . . NOBODY. She got 0% of the vote from either sex.

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