Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Go Go's in Austin?


THE GO-GO'S have announced that their upcoming tour will be their LAST.

--The last batch of dates, which they're calling their Happily Ever After - Farewell Tour, will begin with Lilith Fair performances in San Diego and Phoenix on July 7th and 8th, respectively . . . and will run through a July 27th show in Austin.

(--You can check out all the dates at their official website, here . . .)

--The band didn't give a specific reason for breaking things off . . . but it may be to do some more solo work. Lead singer BELINDA CARLISLE will be embarking on a big solo tour later this year. (--Dates haven't been announced yet.)

Of course there's an Austin connection with Kathy Valentine living here. I would definitely give them a nice sweet spot in rock n roll history. I'm there for the Austin show. A vid for nostalgic purposes.

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