Monday, March 22, 2010

Some of the groovy folks I got to meet during SXSW 2010

I'm not one to chase down huge bands at SXSW, sort of prefer to look for the next cool thing. I had a great experience and met some cool people from all over the world. Incredible how accessible and gracious they are... except for one. ) I'll get to that. Here were some of those moments.

Until June at Aces Lounge. Didn't get to chat but this was a band I really wanted to see and was the last one I caught of the festival. Brutal for me to stay up to watch a band from 1-2am. These guys were worth it. Weird to see just two guys on stage, but I saw a LOT of that this year. Lot's of electronic drums and backup music. Just a sign of the economic times or it's just easier for one or two people to get things done. The full band might be in trouble.

Wave Machines at the Driskill. I was really excited to see these guys. From the sounds of their music I was expecting them to be a lot younger. I couldn't tell if these guys were 25 or 50. I had a funny exchange where I asked to grab a pic and say in the kitchen just before they went on. They acted all put out. I went out front and posted that they were Pissy Fu$#@ about it, but I still like them. One of their people replied quickly that it was just because they were about to go on and to catch them after the show. I couldn't hang that long. They were good and real pro's. One of the best new things out of SXSW and one to watch.

This was probably the coolest, most down to earth moment I had at SX. It was a chilled Zone Bar lounge, not even sure where I was, although I had an awkward moment when the place was dead silent and I dropped my beer and shattered the bottle. Yeah I had a few. My wife also got loaded down with bags of Zone bars. Anyway this is Damian, that goes by the name Peasant. He could not have been any more cordial and humble. He's a great singer/songwriter and the real deal. Look for him to so a film soundtrack someday. I heard he spent a few extra days in Austin. Maybe he's thinking of moving here. After all, he lists Doylestown, PA as his home. Time for a move.

These two call themselves The Lovely Eggs. Their songs are off beat, quirky and fun. They could not have looked more British in their Cowboy hats. Super nice people.

This is Rebekah from Stricken City. Caught them during a daytime show at Red Fez. They were great although I'm not sure the small mobile quick setup does them justice. They were one of the more artsy artists I checked out, so I wasn't sure how receptive they would be to the photo opp. All the British artists run outside to smoke during SXSW, so meet them right outside the nearest exit. She was super nice and as you can tell she was smitten with me.

this is one of the guys from Little Brazil. They seemed to be nervous to the point the consumed a LOT of drinks before going on.

Lucky for me I got to see Little Brazil early and stumbled into the Gin Riots show. These guys just plain ass killed it. Brits that tore the place up. I would fully expect to hear a lot more from them very soon.

This is Anya Marina. She was great and doesn't seem to take herself too seriously. She's entertaining on stage and interacts well with crowd. They seemed to LOVE her. Probably because she's a DJ in San Diego. I didn't know that prior to going, but even our common careers didn't spark much conversation with her. You would think...

If you like the sort of love songs they place on Grey's Anatomy, write this name down. Nico Stai. He's an amazing singer/songwriter who no doubt is going to blow up huge. One of the best at SXSW.

Indie rockers from Tokyo singing in ATX... In English!!! This is Caucus. They were great and I think I might have been there first friend in America. Either that or they are just so humble they seemed surprised that local had heard of them before the event.

This is Margaret from The Seedy Seeds. One of the most unique bands I heard during SX. Accordian on occassion and banjo in a rock band really picks up the tempo and made it a crown pleaser.

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