Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Are you addicted to your iphone?


If you're one of those people who bought an iPhone, and now you feel completely naked without it, you're not alone.

--That's because, according to a new study from Stanford University, the iPhone actually can be ADDICTING.

--According to the study, THREE in FOUR iPhone users admit they take their phone to bed with them. And 69% say they're more likely to forget their wallet than to leave home without their iPhone.

--Nearly ONE in FOUR iPhone users say they think of the device as an extension of their body, and 41% say it'd be a "tragedy" if they lost their iPhone.

--Sadly, those aren't even the study's most pathetic findings . . .

--3% of people say they won't let anyone else touch their iPhone. And another 3% admit they've NAMED their iPhone.

--Meanwhile, 8% of iPhone users admit they've wondered if their iPod is JEALOUS of their iPhone. (???)

--Overall, ONE in TEN iPhone users admit they're completely addicted to the device and would be totally lost without it, while just 6% say they aren't addicted at all.

(Yahoo News)

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