Friday, March 26, 2010

Wounded Warrior Ride ATX 2010. What and incredible experience

This is Daniel from Lubbock. Very, very funny guy.

This is Nicolette. After moving around her whole life, she choses Austin to call home

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Want to do the Wounded Warrior ride with Veterans, the Governor, Sen. Watson, Sandy and me?

This Thursday morning at the Capital:

What is Soldier Ride logistically?
• 30 Wounded Warriors on bicycles, handcycles and tricycles - all adapted for individual disabilities.
• 22 mile loop through central Austin
• Starts at Capitol South Steps
• Ends at Mellow Johnny's Bike Shop (400 Nueces St)
• Rest stop at Gullett Elementary
• Escorted by the Travis County Sheriff's Office
• Joined by other cyclists

What can people do?
• Show up and cheer along the route
• Ride with the group

Where can people show up and cheer on the Soldiers?
9:15am at the Capitol Grounds – presentations including Gov Rick Perry and St Sen Kirk Watson start at 9:30am
10:00 rollout
approx. 10:10 along the Drag
approx. 12:10 by Hula Hut
approx. 12:25 by City Hall

If people want to ride
• It's free but donations to Wounded Warrior Project are welcome
• Arrive at the Capitol by 9:15
• Plan on a parade type pace – ~10 mph
• Wear a helmet
• Bring your friends

Where do they go from here?
Thursday – BBQ lunch prepared by Travis County Sheriff’s personnel,
Dinner at Doc’s Motorworks on So. Congress. (rodeo event is being worked on)
Friday – Fort Hood
Saturday – Fundraising ride from the Dallas VA to Fort Worth
More details on Saturday ride at

Research that shows people who buy Green Products are jerks

You might think that the people who say they love the planet love other people even more. Otherwise, why would they care about the environment so much? But a new study found that's not even close to the truth.

--Researchers from the University of Toronto set up a series of tests to compare the behavior of environmentally-conscious people against the behavior of people who are less "crunchy."

--What they found is that people who buy "green" products are more likely to LIE and CHEAT, and are six times more likely to STEAL, than people who are less environmentally conscious. And in general, they're MEANER overall.

--According to the researchers, it has to do with something called "moral balancing."

--The idea is that since "green" consumers have done so much to help the planet, they think they've built up so much goodwill that they're ALLOWED to be jerks. (???)

--Or as the researchers put it, quote, "Virtuous acts can license subsequent asocial and unethical behaviors."

--In other words: Never trust a tree-hugging hippie.

(AutoBlog / Detroit Bureau)

MGMT's new album is streaming online

MGMT'S new album, "Congratulations", won't hit stores until April 13th, but it recently leaked online . . . so the band made the whole thing available for streaming from their website. (--You can listen to it, here . . .)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Some of the groovy folks I got to meet during SXSW 2010

I'm not one to chase down huge bands at SXSW, sort of prefer to look for the next cool thing. I had a great experience and met some cool people from all over the world. Incredible how accessible and gracious they are... except for one. ) I'll get to that. Here were some of those moments.

Until June at Aces Lounge. Didn't get to chat but this was a band I really wanted to see and was the last one I caught of the festival. Brutal for me to stay up to watch a band from 1-2am. These guys were worth it. Weird to see just two guys on stage, but I saw a LOT of that this year. Lot's of electronic drums and backup music. Just a sign of the economic times or it's just easier for one or two people to get things done. The full band might be in trouble.

Wave Machines at the Driskill. I was really excited to see these guys. From the sounds of their music I was expecting them to be a lot younger. I couldn't tell if these guys were 25 or 50. I had a funny exchange where I asked to grab a pic and say in the kitchen just before they went on. They acted all put out. I went out front and posted that they were Pissy Fu$#@ about it, but I still like them. One of their people replied quickly that it was just because they were about to go on and to catch them after the show. I couldn't hang that long. They were good and real pro's. One of the best new things out of SXSW and one to watch.

This was probably the coolest, most down to earth moment I had at SX. It was a chilled Zone Bar lounge, not even sure where I was, although I had an awkward moment when the place was dead silent and I dropped my beer and shattered the bottle. Yeah I had a few. My wife also got loaded down with bags of Zone bars. Anyway this is Damian, that goes by the name Peasant. He could not have been any more cordial and humble. He's a great singer/songwriter and the real deal. Look for him to so a film soundtrack someday. I heard he spent a few extra days in Austin. Maybe he's thinking of moving here. After all, he lists Doylestown, PA as his home. Time for a move.

These two call themselves The Lovely Eggs. Their songs are off beat, quirky and fun. They could not have looked more British in their Cowboy hats. Super nice people.

This is Rebekah from Stricken City. Caught them during a daytime show at Red Fez. They were great although I'm not sure the small mobile quick setup does them justice. They were one of the more artsy artists I checked out, so I wasn't sure how receptive they would be to the photo opp. All the British artists run outside to smoke during SXSW, so meet them right outside the nearest exit. She was super nice and as you can tell she was smitten with me.

this is one of the guys from Little Brazil. They seemed to be nervous to the point the consumed a LOT of drinks before going on.

Lucky for me I got to see Little Brazil early and stumbled into the Gin Riots show. These guys just plain ass killed it. Brits that tore the place up. I would fully expect to hear a lot more from them very soon.

This is Anya Marina. She was great and doesn't seem to take herself too seriously. She's entertaining on stage and interacts well with crowd. They seemed to LOVE her. Probably because she's a DJ in San Diego. I didn't know that prior to going, but even our common careers didn't spark much conversation with her. You would think...

If you like the sort of love songs they place on Grey's Anatomy, write this name down. Nico Stai. He's an amazing singer/songwriter who no doubt is going to blow up huge. One of the best at SXSW.

Indie rockers from Tokyo singing in ATX... In English!!! This is Caucus. They were great and I think I might have been there first friend in America. Either that or they are just so humble they seemed surprised that local had heard of them before the event.

This is Margaret from The Seedy Seeds. One of the most unique bands I heard during SX. Accordian on occassion and banjo in a rock band really picks up the tempo and made it a crown pleaser.


Times are tough right now, and we're all trying to save a few bucks wherever we can. With that in mind, here's a look at some bad habits, and what they cost you over the course of a year:

--If you buy a subscription to a gossip magazine like "OK!", "Us Weekly" or "Life & Style", it'll cost you $78 a year. And if you get it off the newsstand each week, it'll cost you $182 a year.

--If you have an unlimited texting plan, it'll cost you $240 a year.

--If you have a subscription to just one pornographic website, it'll cost you $300 a year.

--If you have just one 16-ounce soda a day, it'll cost you $547.50 a year.

--If you buy one regular or iced coffee every day at Starbucks, it'll cost you $912.50 a year. And if you have a cappuccino instead, it'll cost you $1,442 a year.

--And if you smoke a pack of cigarettes a day, it'll cost you $1,825 a year.

(Wallet Pop)


Just so you know, these are not my words, but this is a decent summary of the Health Care Reform I found.

The House of Representatives passed the healthcare reform bill last night. It'll make the most significant changes to America's health care system in more than 40 years. Depending on how you see things, it's a historic moment . . . or a historic mistake.

--Here are the four major points you need to know.

#1.) It gives health insurance to 32 million Americans who don't have it. That number mostly includes people living near or below the poverty line, and also people who've been denied insurance because of pre-existing conditions.

#2.) The insurance companies hate it. Starting in 2014, the bill PREVENTS insurance companies from putting a cap on how much they'll cover . . . REQUIRES them to cover "riskier" clients like people with pre-existing conditions . . . AND taxes them on the high-end insurance packages they offer to "safer" clients.

#3.) It'll cost $940 billion over the next 10 years. But it's also expected to make the federal deficit go DOWN. That's because the bill cuts some government spending and creates new taxes to cover the cost.

--Medicare will be funded by a tax on families that make more than $250,000 a year from their investments. Insurance companies will also get hit with a 40% tax on the high-end insurance plans they offer to their best . . . and usually wealthiest . . . clients.

#4.) Unless you're really poor or old, you'll get fined for not having health insurance. By 2014, you either need to buy insurance, get it from work, or be poor enough to get it from the government. Otherwise you get fined $695 a year.


--THE RICH. Bad news. Starting in 2012, if your family's investments are making more than $250,000-a-year, or your personal investments are making more than $200,000, you're going to be taxed 3.8% on those investment returns.

--Another downside for the 'rich': Insurance companies will now be taxed on their high-end "Cadillac" insurance plans . . . the kind of insurance plans that people with really good jobs get.

--The insurance companies will definitely pass that cost on to the employers. That extra cost will definitely affect businesses . . . and the people who run and invest in them.

--Now's a good time to mention that, in a way, that affects EVERYBODY. And this is where people opposed to the bill direct a lot of their anger. And it's not because they're right-wing extremists.

--It's because it's just not possible to fund almost $1 TRILLION in changes without affecting each and every person in the country. Think about it: Forcing insurance companies to cover high-risk patients, offer lower prices, AND pay higher taxes?

--Something's got to give, and the health insurance business is in for some HUGE changes. The question is: Will those changes be for the better, or worse?

--A lot of people say it'll be worse, because the only way insurance companies will be able to afford these changes is to charge MUCH higher premiums. If not, they're going to go out of business.

--And that would force people to use Medicaid or other government subsidies as their only way of affording health care.

--So in that scenario, the government will . . . over time . . . become responsible for providing health care to the vast majority of Americans.

--So while this bill doesn't socialize health care, a lot of people opposed to it argue that . . . over time . . . it WILL. But all the changes have to play out first. In the meantime, here's what the bill SAYS will happen for the rest of us . . .

--THE AVERAGE PERSON GETTING HEALTH INSURANCE FROM WORK. No obvious change. The bill has no effect on people getting insurance from their employer. At least, not on the surface level . . .

--How the insurance companies adjust to all these new policies . . . all of which are seen as bad for their business . . . remains to be seen. But for now, you personally should not see any real change, either positive or negative.

--POOR FOLKS. Very good news. The bill means that Medicaid will include more families and will include poor people without children . . . and the government will cover 100% of your medical costs through 2016.

--THE MIDDLE CLASS. In theory, good news. Individuals making up to approximately $43,320 and families making up to $88,200 will be eligible for subsidized insurance through new insurance exchanges set up in each state by 2014.

--The exchanges are the way the bill is set up to keep insurance prices more regulated and competitive. So unemployed and self-employed people SHOULD get cheaper insurance with government subsidies . . . AND not have the risk of being turned down.

(--I say "in theory" and "should" because, if the credit card reform act taught us anything, it's that companies won't take these gargantuan hits to their bottom line without thinking of every possible angle.)

(--So while this is all set up nicely and looks like a great deal . . . it would be VERY naïve to think everything's going to turn out perfectly.)

--OLD PEOPLE. Could be VERY bad. The bill slashes Medicare spending by $500 BILLION over the next decade, so senior citizens may suddenly find themselves faced with higher premiums and more expensive medications.

--The plan will try to compensate by offering seniors the highest subsidies on buying insurance and by giving them a 50% discount on name-brand drugs . . . but it doesn't look like that's going to make up for the Medicare cuts.

--PEOPLE WHO HAVE SERIOUS MEDICAL PROBLEMS. Incredible news. As of this September, insurance companies MUST cover children with pre-existing conditions. By 2014, that expands to include adults with pre-existing conditions too.

--ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. No news. Illegals aren't eligible for Medicaid even if they're below the poverty line, and they can't participate in the new, competitive "exchange" insurance market.

--ADULTS WHO MOVE BACK IN WITH THEIR PARENTS. Awesome news. Before, your parents could only keep you on their insurance until you were 23. Starting now, they can keep you from having to get your life together until age 26.

(CBS News / Newsweek / Fox News / Yahoo News / CNN / MSNBC)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

My SXSW picks for Sat 2010

Aces Lounge
(222 E 6th St) (21+)
Until June 1:00 a.m. Los Angeles CA

BD Riley's
(204 E 6th St) (21+)
Hypnogaja 11:00 p.m. Hollywood CA

Cedar Door
(201 Brazos St) (18+)
The Lovely Eggs 8:00 p.m. Lancaster UK-England

Cedar Street Courtyard
(208 W 4th St) (21+)
Free Energy 8:00 p.m. Philadelphia PA

Creekside at Hilton Garden Inn
(500 N IH 35) (18+)
Kiernan McMullan 11:00 p.m. Limerick IRELAND

Creekside at Hilton Garden Inn
(500 N IH 35) (18+)
Dawn Kinnard 12:00 a.m. State College PA

Flamingo Cantina
(515 E 6th St) (21+)
Mishka 11:00 p.m. Maui HI

(401 W 2nd St) (18+)
The Bright Light Social Hour 10:00 p.m. Austin TX

live.create. lounge
(503 Neches St) (21+)
Peasant 9:00 p.m. Doylestown PA

(618 W 6th St) (18+)
Suzanna Choffel 12:00 a.m. Austin TX

Rusty Spurs
(405 E 7th St) (21+)
City Riots 12:00 a.m. Adelaide SA

(801 Red River St) (All Ages)
Scissor Sisters 12:00 a.m. New York NY

(710 Red River St) (21+)
Stricken City 10:00 p.m. London UK-England

Victorian Room at The Driskill
(604 Brazos St) (21+)
Wave Machines 11:00 p.m. Liverpool UK-England

Friday, March 19, 2010

My picks for Friday SXSW 2010

This was a tough one. Lot's of killer stuff to see tonight. Was hard to narrow it down. Hope this helps. jb

Beauty Bar/Palm Door
(401 Sabine St) (21+)
Band of Skulls 8:00 p.m. London UK-England

Central Presbyterian Church
(200 E 8th St) (All Ages)
Band of Horses 8:55 p.m. Charleston SC

Central Presbyterian Church
(200 E 8th St) (All Ages)
The xx 12:30 a.m. London UK-England

Club de Ville
(900 Red River St) (21+)
Ra Ra Riot 12:30 a.m. Syracuse NY

Creekside at Hilton Garden Inn
(500 N IH 35) (18+)
Noush Skaugen 8:00 p.m. London UK-England

Dirty Dog Bar
(505 E 6th St) (21+)
Hole 1:00 a.m. New York NY

Emo's Main Room
(603 Red River St) (All Ages)
We Are Scientists 12:15 a.m. New York NY

The Ghost Room
(304 W 4th St) (21+)
Middle Class Rut 11:00 p.m. Sacramento CA

ive.create. lounge
(503 Neches St) (21+)
Jenny Owen Youngs 8:00 p.m. Brooklyn NY

ive.create. lounge
(503 Neches St) (21+)
Mozella 10:00 p.m. Los Angeles C

Lustre Pearl
(97 Rainey St) (21+)
She & Him 10:00 p.m. Los Angeles CA

Maggie Mae's
(323 E 6th St) (21+)
Nico Stai
11:00 p.m. Los Angeles CA

Maggie Mae's
(323 E 6th St) (21+)
Chew Lips
12:00 a.m. London UK-England

Maggie Mae's
(323 E 6th St) (21+)
Band of Skulls
1:00 a.m. London UK-England

Maggie Mae's Gibson Room
(512 Trinity St) (21+)
Savoir Adore 1:00 a.m. Brooklyn NY

(422 B Congress Ave) (21+)
Lights 9:00 p.m. Toronto ON

Soho Lounge
(217 E 6th St) (21+)
Freaky Age 11:25 p.m. Ternat BELGIUM

(710 Red River St) (21+)
Mumiy Troll 1:00 a.m. Vladivostok RUSSIA

(408 E 6th St) (21+)
Little Brazil 10:00 p.m. Omaha NE

Thursday, March 18, 2010

My picks for Thursday SXSW 2010. Get out and Enjoy!

BD Riley's
(204 E 6th St) (21+)
The Seedy Seeds 7:00 p.m. Cincinnati OH

BD Riley's
(204 E 6th St) (21+)
Caucus 8:00 p.m. Tokyo JAPAN

Cedar Street Courtyard
(208 W 4th St) (21+)
She & Him 10:00 p.m. Los Angeles CA

Club de Ville
(900 Red River St) (21+)
The Lonely Forest 9:30 p.m. Anacortes WA

Encore Patio
(611 Red River St) (21+)
Camper Van Beethoven 12:00 a.m. Santa Cruz CA

Encore Patio
(611 Red River St) (21+)
Cracker 1:00 a.m. Richmond VA

Mohawk Patio
(912 Red River St) (All Ages)
The xx 1:00 a.m. London UK-England

The Parish
(214B E 6th St) (21+)
Meiko 10:30 p.m. Roberta GA

The Phoenix
(409 Colorado St) (21+)
We Are Scientists 12:00 a.m. New York NY

Rusty Spurs
(405 E 7th St) (21+)
Saint Motel 10:30 p.m. Los Angeles CA

(801 Red River St) (All Ages)
Band of Horses 11:30 p.m. Charleston SC

The Tap Room at Six
(311 Colorado St) (21+)
Peasant 9:00 p.m. Doylestown PA

(710 Red River St) (21+)
Ezra Furman and the Harpoons 1:00 a.m. Brooklyn NY

Victorian Room at The Driskill
(604 Brazos St) (21+)
Citizen Cope 7:25 p.m. Brooklyn NY

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My top Artists to see tonight (Wed) SXSW 2010

Dirty Dog Bar
The Black & White Years 1:00 a.m. Austin TX

Mozella 12:00 a.m. Los Angeles CA

Galaxy Room
Gin Wigmore 11:00 p.m. Auckland NEW ZEALAND

Habana Calle 6 Patio
The Russian Futurists 7:45 p.m. Toronto ON

Latitude 30
Chew Lips 9:00 p.m. London UK-England

ive.create. lounge
(503 Neches St)
Suzanna Choffel
8:00 p.m. Austin TX Alternative

ive.create. lounge
(503 Neches St)
Ezra Furman and the Harpoons
9:00 p.m. Brooklyn NY

ive.create. lounge
(503 Neches St)
Nico Stai
10:00 p.m. Los Angeles CA

Maggie Mae’s
Everest 1:00 a.m. Los Angeles CA

Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly 12:10 a.m. London UK-England

(801 Red River St)
Spoon 12:15 a.m. Austin TX

(333 E 2nd St) (21+)
Ume 10:00 p.m. Austin TX

The Tap Room at Six
(311 Colorado St) (21+)
Allo Darlin
11:10 p.m. London UK-England

The Tap Room at Six
(311 Colorado St)
Cosmo Jarvis
12:15 a.m. Devon UK-England

And my top pick for the night is....
Maggie Maes Rooftop
Kilians 12:00 a.m. Grevenbroich GERMANY

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Make yourself look like MJ using 4 pieces of Scotch Tape

Are you addicted to your iphone?


If you're one of those people who bought an iPhone, and now you feel completely naked without it, you're not alone.

--That's because, according to a new study from Stanford University, the iPhone actually can be ADDICTING.

--According to the study, THREE in FOUR iPhone users admit they take their phone to bed with them. And 69% say they're more likely to forget their wallet than to leave home without their iPhone.

--Nearly ONE in FOUR iPhone users say they think of the device as an extension of their body, and 41% say it'd be a "tragedy" if they lost their iPhone.

--Sadly, those aren't even the study's most pathetic findings . . .

--3% of people say they won't let anyone else touch their iPhone. And another 3% admit they've NAMED their iPhone.

--Meanwhile, 8% of iPhone users admit they've wondered if their iPod is JEALOUS of their iPhone. (???)

--Overall, ONE in TEN iPhone users admit they're completely addicted to the device and would be totally lost without it, while just 6% say they aren't addicted at all.

(Yahoo News)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Great email about Sandy getting some Extra Crispy this morning

Date: 03/04/2010
First Name: JEAN
Last Name:
Email Address:
Comments: Sandy, THIS IS THE FUNNIEST SHOW I HAVE SEEN YET, I WAS IN TEARS LAUGHING, I, TOO MISS THE CRISPY. I am 66 years old and back in the 70's, I managed a KFC and my kids were like little chicks when I came home from work with a box. of original, but when the crispy came out it was the bomb. thanks for helping us say goodbye SMILE

New Lindsay Lohan photo

The guys always give me a hard time for saying that Lindsay Lohan is hot. This is a new pic. You be the judge

This is the guy that keeps parking behind Alex at his apt

Whatch this dude singing on Chatroulette. Very funny

Presidential Runion from Funny or Die

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Very funny email that just came in

Email Address:
Comments: Sandy: Stop bitching about the stupid extra crispy. You never even came here to eat. Try Church's Chicken...go be a pain in the ass with them.