Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Odds on who will win Idol


The online gambling site has released its initial line on this year's "American Idol" competition, and they've named ANDREW GARCIA . . . the dude who sang PAULA ABDUL'S song "Straight Up" . . . as the favorite to win it all.

--He has 4-to-1 odds, meaning that a winning bet of $1 would pay out $4.

--He's followed by a long line of girls . . . which may not be all that surprising since SIMON COWELL has said he expects a woman to win this year.

--ASHLEY RODRIGUEZ and DIDI BENAMI are next, tied at 7-to-1 odds. They are followed by CRYSTAL BOWERSOX and KATIE STEVENS, who are tied with odds of 15-to-2.

--The second-highest ranked male is TODRICK HALL, who has 15-to-1 odds.

--The longest odds, of 65-to-1, were attached to JOE MUNOZ . . . so if you have a good feeling about him, put a buck on him and you could have $65 come May. (--Not to advocate gambling, course . . . or holding out hope for Joe.)

--Obviously, those odds will be in flux throughout the season . . . and have probably even been adjusted following the girls' performances last night.

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