Wednesday, February 24, 2010

8 Ways to make you eat less


We all want to lose weight. But instead of reminding you why it's so hard, I've got eight VERY simple ways to eat less . . .

#1.) SERVE FOOD IN THE KITCHEN. If something's high in fat or mostly starch, serve yourself in the kitchen, put don't put the rest on the table. If you keep it out of reach, you can cut your calories by 15 to 20 percent.

#2.) USE SMALL PLATES AND TALL SKINNY GLASSES. Normal-sized portions look huge on a small plate, and studies have shown that people pour less of whatever they're dinking when they pour it into a tall glass instead of a wide one.

#3.) PUT YOUR FORK DOWN. You won't eat so fast, which means you'll feel full on less food. And you'll concentrate more on table talk.

#4.) ASK FOR A DOGGY BAG AT THE BEGINNING OF THE MEAL. Restaurants serve huge portions. So just ask for a box early, and you won't eat as much because you won't have as much on your plate.

#5.) CHEW GUM WHILE YOU BAKE. It'll keep you from tasting the raw cookie dough and cake batter.

#6.) TEACH THE KIDS TO CLEAR THEIR OWN PLATES. That way you won't eat all the stuff they didn't.

#7.) KEEP SNACKS OUT OF SIGHT. In one famous study, office workers ate 23% less candy from a covered dish than they did from see-through container.

#8) BRUSH AFTER DINNER. It's good for your teeth anyway. But it also sends a message to your brain that eating time is officially over. (

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