Wednesday, February 24, 2010

8 Ways to make you eat less


We all want to lose weight. But instead of reminding you why it's so hard, I've got eight VERY simple ways to eat less . . .

#1.) SERVE FOOD IN THE KITCHEN. If something's high in fat or mostly starch, serve yourself in the kitchen, put don't put the rest on the table. If you keep it out of reach, you can cut your calories by 15 to 20 percent.

#2.) USE SMALL PLATES AND TALL SKINNY GLASSES. Normal-sized portions look huge on a small plate, and studies have shown that people pour less of whatever they're dinking when they pour it into a tall glass instead of a wide one.

#3.) PUT YOUR FORK DOWN. You won't eat so fast, which means you'll feel full on less food. And you'll concentrate more on table talk.

#4.) ASK FOR A DOGGY BAG AT THE BEGINNING OF THE MEAL. Restaurants serve huge portions. So just ask for a box early, and you won't eat as much because you won't have as much on your plate.

#5.) CHEW GUM WHILE YOU BAKE. It'll keep you from tasting the raw cookie dough and cake batter.

#6.) TEACH THE KIDS TO CLEAR THEIR OWN PLATES. That way you won't eat all the stuff they didn't.

#7.) KEEP SNACKS OUT OF SIGHT. In one famous study, office workers ate 23% less candy from a covered dish than they did from see-through container.

#8) BRUSH AFTER DINNER. It's good for your teeth anyway. But it also sends a message to your brain that eating time is officially over. (

Watch crackhead Whitney Houston take a water break in middle of song, right at 2:30 mark

The Odds on who will win Idol


The online gambling site has released its initial line on this year's "American Idol" competition, and they've named ANDREW GARCIA . . . the dude who sang PAULA ABDUL'S song "Straight Up" . . . as the favorite to win it all.

--He has 4-to-1 odds, meaning that a winning bet of $1 would pay out $4.

--He's followed by a long line of girls . . . which may not be all that surprising since SIMON COWELL has said he expects a woman to win this year.

--ASHLEY RODRIGUEZ and DIDI BENAMI are next, tied at 7-to-1 odds. They are followed by CRYSTAL BOWERSOX and KATIE STEVENS, who are tied with odds of 15-to-2.

--The second-highest ranked male is TODRICK HALL, who has 15-to-1 odds.

--The longest odds, of 65-to-1, were attached to JOE MUNOZ . . . so if you have a good feeling about him, put a buck on him and you could have $65 come May. (--Not to advocate gambling, course . . . or holding out hope for Joe.)

--Obviously, those odds will be in flux throughout the season . . . and have probably even been adjusted following the girls' performances last night.

A U.S. Speed Skater Shaved And Dyed An American Flag Into His Hair

U.S. speed skater RYAN BEDFORD decided to shave stars and stripes into his head before his race on Tuesday. He even dyed it red, white and blue.

--He claims teammate CHAD HEDRICK agreed to get a matching style, then backed out after Bedford went first.

Monday, February 22, 2010

22- inch man

According to Guinness World Records, the smallest man in the world is a guy from China named He Pingping who stands at just 29 inches tall. That's two-foot five-inches if you're bad at math.

--But there's an 18-year-old from Nepal named Khagendra Thapa Magar who, at just 22 inches tall . . . or one-foot ten-inches . . . claims he's the world's REAL smallest man.

--Apparently, Khagendra's family filed a claim with the Guinness people a few years ago to have Khagendra named the world's smallest man. But since he wasn't an adult, and there was still a chance he could grow, it was rejected.

--Then in October, Khagendra filed another claim with Guinness just after his 18th birthday, but he hasn't gotten a response.

--So yesterday, Khagendra traveled to Europe in hopes of drumming up some publicity in order to be officially recognized by Guinness World Records as the world's smallest man. (Yahoo News)

Kurt Cobain would be 43 now. Someone put together a pic of what he would look like now

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Are you curious what's winning in the TV Ratings?

--Here are last week's Top 20 shows . . .

1.) The "Winter Olympics" opening ceremony, NBC, 32.6 million viewers

2.) Tuesday's "American Idol", Fox, 27.9 million viewers

3.) Sunday's "Winter Olympics" coverage, NBC, 26.4 million viewers

4.) Saturday's "Winter Olympics" coverage, NBC, 26.2 million viewers

5.) Wednesday's "American Idol" auditions, Fox, 25.2 million viewers

6.) "NCIS", CBS, 19.7 million viewers

7.) "NCIS: Los Angeles", CBS, 17.9 million viewers

8.) "Two and a Half Men", CBS, 17.7 million viewers

9.) "The Big Bang Theory", CBS, 16.3 million viewers

10.) "The Mentalist", CBS, 15.9 million viewers

11.) "Undercover Boss", CBS, 15.4 million viewers

12.) "The Good Wife", CBS, 14.8 million viewers

13.) "Criminal Minds", CBS, 14.3 million viewers

14.) "Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains", CBS, 14.2 million viewers

15.) "House", Fox, 13.6 million viewers

16.) "CSI: Miami", CBS, 13.5 million viewers

17.) "CSI: New York", CBS, 13 million viewers

18.) "Grey's Anatomy", ABC, 12.7 million viewers

19.) "The Bachelor", ABC, 12.3 million viewers

20.) "Lost", ABC, 11 million viewers

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

do you like those goofy planned flashmob mements? You're going to love this.

Join me for some Chinese hump stretching???


--Recently, a British website called asked users which country has the BEST-LOOKING people. Check out the top five:

#5.) Italy

#4.) Australia

#3.) Spain

#2.) Brazil


Just how difficult is the Olmpic Sport of Curling?


KRISTIE MOORE is an Olympic Athlete. Sort of. She's an alternate for the Canadian women's curling team. That's the sport that looks like shuffleboard on ice.

--And if you're wondering how challenging the sport of curling really is, consider this: Kristie is FIVE AND A HALF MONTHS PREGNANT.

--But the team's captain said they chose her anyway because, quote, "She is young and fit."

--Kristie is definitely showing, but she doesn't think her condition will affect her performance. She says, quote, "In the eighth month or so, that might be an issue."

(--Believe it or not, Kristie is the THIRD pregnant Olympian in history. Swedish figure skater MAGDA JULIN won a gold medal in 1920 in her first trimester, and knocked-up German skeleton racer DIANA SARTOR finished fourth in 2006.)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Did you know there was ice cream for dogs

Moms, what would you do if your son pulled this prank?

Most hate office Jargon

the ten most hated office buzzwords and jargon are:

#1.) "Thinking outside the box"

#2.) "Let's touch base"

#3.) "Blue sky thinking"

#4.) "Blamestorming"

#5.) "Drill down to a more granular level"

#6.) "Let's not throw pies in the dark"

#7.) "I've got that on my radar"

#8.) "Push the envelope"

#9.) "Bring your A-game"

#10.) "Get all your ducks in a row"

(Yahoo News)

Austin makes the list of best Cities for single women


Recently, a website called compiled a list of the ten best cities for BACHELORETTES, based on stuff like employment opportunities, the cost of living, access to travel and entertainment, and the ratio of women to men.

--According to the criteria, the ten best cities for single women are:

#10.) Austin

#9.) Dallas

#8.) Pittsburgh

#7.) Denver

#6.) Phoenix

#5.) Philadelphia

#4.) Seattle

#3.) New York City

#2.) Washington, D.C.

#1.) Boston

(Housing Watch)

Friday, February 5, 2010

One of our Jr. viewers of J and S on Keye Tv, Jacob

This kids meltdown cracks me up. Listen to the dad laughing in background

10 great Superbowl Ads

This list of ten great Super Bowl commercials includes Coke's 1979 "Mean Joe Green" ad, Apple's iconic "1984" ad, Reebok's "Terry Tate: Office Linebacker", and last year's "Crystal Ball" ad by Doritos.
(Search Terms: "Ten Great Super Bowl Commercials"

Drunkest Cities in American. Congrats Austin!


Recently, "Men's Health" magazine compiled a list of the "drunkest" cities in America, based on the number of DUI arrests, alcohol-related accidents, binge-drinking rates, and the number of deaths caused by alcoholic liver disease.

--With that in mind, the ten DRUNKEST cities in America are:

#10.) Bakersfield, California

#9.) Tucson, Arizona

#8.) Lubbock, Texas

#7.) San Antonio, Texas

#6.) St. Louis, Missouri

#5.) Austin, Texas

What the hell is going wrong at NBC?

#4.) NBC has apologized for celebrating Black History Month with a Fried Chicken dinner. (!!!) Yes, this actually happened. It became public thanks to a Twitter post by ROOTS drummer QUESTLOVE.

(--The Roots are the house band for "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon".)

--He tweeted a picture of a cafeteria menu that reads, quote, "NBC: In honor of Black History Month: Fried chicken, collard greens with smoked turkey, white rice, black eyed peas, jalapeno cornbread, [and] soda or water." (--Here's the picture . . .)

--An NBC suit said the sign has been removed, and apologized to anyone who was offended. (--

Unreal. The movie trailer for "Frozen". Opens this weekend

Monday, February 1, 2010

Raleigh grappling

Raleigh's sparring match, Karate tournament Jan 2010

We're getting a new General Manager

We have a new General Manager starting next week. He's going to love Austin. He likes to hunt, digs live music, races bikes and drives a freakin mud crawler. Swear. Here it is:

Weather Dorks

Jimi Hendrix new track

The title track off JIMI HENDRIX'S "new" disc, "Valleys of Neptune", has hit the Internet. (--The album, which features unreleased studio sessions of the Jimi Hendrix Experience, hits stores on March 9th. Listen to the song, here . . .)

You're Grammy winners from the Top Categories


--Record of the Year: "Use Somebody", KINGS OF LEON

--Album of the Year: "Fearless", TAYLOR SWIFT

--Song of the Year: "Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)", BEYONCÉ

--Best New Artist: ZAC BROWN BAND

(Pop Winners - 1 of 2)

--Best Female Pop Vocal Performance: "Halo", BEYONCÉ

--Best Male Pop Vocal Performance: "Make It Mine", JASON MRAZ

--Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group: "I Gotta Feeling", BLACK EYED PEAS

--Best Pop Collaboration: "Lucky", JASON MRAZ & COLBIE CAILLAT

--Best Pop Instrumental Performance: "Throw Down Your Heart", BÉLA FLECK

THE GRAMMYS - 5 of 9

(Pop Winners - 2 of 2)

--Best Pop Instrumental Album: "Potato Hole", BOOKER T. JONES

--Best Pop Vocal Album: "The E.N.D.", BLACK EYED PEAS

(Dance Winners / Traditional Pop)

--Best Dance Recording: "Poker Face", LADY GAGA

--Best Electronic / Dance Album: "The Fame", LADY GAGA

--Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album: "Michael Bublé Meets Madison Square Garden", MICHAEL BUBLÉ