Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Worlds Manliest Theme Parks

#1.) Diggerland: This is a chain of construction-themed parks all over England. It features rides made out of construction equipment, such as excavators and dump trucks, and they even offer lessons in operating heavy machinery.

(--Here's their website:

#2.) The Flintstones Bedrock City: This is a "Flintstones" theme park and campground in Custer, South Dakota. It's meant to keep the kids entertained, but there's just something manly about the prehistoric age, don't you think? (???)

(--Check out their website at:

#3.) Texas Hogwallow Mud Park: This is an off-road theme park in Deweyville, Texas. It features miles of trails, racetracks and obstacle courses for ATVs, mud trucks, and even riding lawn mowers. There's also a paintball course, and an exotic animal farm.

(--Their website is:

#4.) Drive a Tank: This is a military-themed park in Kasota, Minnesota. For $499, you can operate a live tank. And for another $499, you can actually crush a car. (!!!) (Asylum)

(--Visit their website at:

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