Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Raleigh's colored hair extensions

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Griffith Family said...

It looks super cute! My 8 year old wanted the streaks last summer too and we went ahead and bought the actual dye, it washes out in a few washes but it looks so cute on them at this age. I agree that kids should be allowed to do some fun stuff early on, our 6 year old son wanted a mohawk so over the summer we did a mini one on him for a bit and it was pretty darn cute! I wasn't allowed to do any of that stuff and went a bit crazy at 18 and now as a mom of 4 don't care for the 2 tattoos I got, but at least they aren't trashy and can only be seen in a swimsuit. I say let her have fun and as long as she isn't doing anything illegal or dangerous go for it!