Wednesday, January 27, 2010

30 Dirtiest Names is Sports History

Last night . . . while I was preparing for next month's Winter Olympics by downloading naked photos of past Olympic champions . . . I stumbled across a list of the 30 dirtiest names in the history of sports.

--I know, it sounds kind of lame and immature. But some of the names on the list were just too funny . . . including such comedic gems as: (--Careful with these . . .)

--NASCAR driver Dick Trickle

--A former linebacker from Eastern Illinois University named Lucious Pusey

--A former pitcher for the Mariners and Red Sox named Dick Pole

--A former NHL goaltender named Ron Tugnutt

--A former Olympic swimmer named Misty Hyman

--And, of course, former Chicago Bears linebacker Dick Butkus


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