Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Holiday Letter

I know that 2009 has been a dismal year, at least according to most media outlets. I apologize in advance if it’s been a tough year, but I see so many things that went so well.

We kicked off the year with a historic election. I a believer in the theory that “perception is reality” so I’m optimistic that things will get better because they are “supposed to”.

I love that compared to the rest of the country, Austin chose not to participate in the recession. All that preaching for years to buy and support local has really paid off for us. Austin is learning more and more how to sustain itself. First we decided we didn’t need Houston or Dallas to be a great city, now we realize we don’t even need the rest of the country.

2009 was fun to see my daughter transition from 1st to 2nd grade. Doesn’t sound like much or look like much on paper, but this is the year we went from a little girls room to a big girls room. Gone are the butterflies stuffed bears and rolling in are the surfboards, computer, ds games, clothes and more shoes than I could have ever imagined.
My little toddler that I want to teach and protect is out there on her own, exploring, learning and sometimes getting hurt. I have enjoyed the past year of exploring her strengths, overcoming some of her weaknesses and hanging out with my new little buddy.
I’ve enjoyed her success at surfing, wakeboarding, continuing to grow in Karate for yet another year and for being my sushi buddy when I need one.

As my daughter has matured, my wife and I have enjoyed some “Breathing room” to reconnect with each other and ourselves. We appreciate going to an grown up movie or the time to sit down and just read. It’s been a good year to “take care of ourselves” a bit as I spent another year trying to accomplish personal goals in cycling and my wife knocked out her first marathon. Accomplishing these goals has been good for the soul.

I’ve accomplished my goal for the year of “being more present” with both my wife and daughter. I’m often proud when I get to step back and see what my girls are all about.
It’s been a great year of seeing friends totally prosper in the worst of times personally and economically… and to those friends who have had failures in the past year, it has been inspiring to see you overcome and move on. I learned a lot from you.
It’s been a great year to have Sandy and Alex married and Sandy starting a family. Welcome to my world as I’ve now been married over 11 years and my daughter is now 8. It’s a good world, it’s just nice to not be the only one on the show trying to relate what life was like on this side of the fence. Welcome boys.

It’s also been a great year with the addition of Cassiday and Sarah. I always recognized the talents and potential of Cassiday. Sarah, I thought was nuts for the longest time, but it’s become quite endearing. I’m not saying she’s not crazy, but her heart is in the right place and that fits well with our show. As they say, you get the right people on the bus and things are going to go from Good to Great.

I have to say thank you for a great year to my loving family. I’m grateful to our team at Mix 94.7 and to those who support what Sandy and I are trying to accomplish here. Thanks to my friends who let me be a part of Rare Magazine and Austin Monthly Home Magazine. I appreciate your support and patience. I’m also appreciate to all our new friends we have made at KEYE. Their attitudes and hard work has been inspiring and enlightening.

The only thing that concerns me that might have gone horribly wrong in throughout 2009 was spawned exactly one year ago, when Lance Armstrong convinced us to get on Twitter. I figured I have spend approximately 2 months 23 days, and 18 hours looking at tweets. Don’t think I can ever make up for that.
Best wishes and a happy 2010. Thanks Colt McCoy, thanks Jordan Shipley. Go Horns!!!

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Laura Theisz said...

Left town the day you read your was the best holiday letter I have read!
Although I live in Canyon Lake I agreee Texas (I know you said Austin) did not take part in the recession.
Sarah & Cassidy are a great addition to the morning show!
Wait till your daughter get to the teen years...more changes to come! It truly is fun to see them come into maturity, even if it's only 2nd grade! I love the fact I can carry on a somewhat adult conversation with my 14y/o son.
I look forward to spending the next year with JB & Sandy moring show on my commute to work!
Keep your sense of irony!