Friday, November 20, 2009

A new Disorder in on the books, Gender Disappointment

If you've got kids, or you hope to eventually, there's an urgent matter we need to discuss this morning . . .

--It's just come to my attention that clinical psychologists have invented . . . I mean "identified" . . . a new psychological disorder.

--It's called Gender Disappointment, and it refers to the let down a parent feels when they wanted their baby to be one gender, but ended up with the other.

--Some parents will get such a bad case of Gender Disappointment that they become depressed.

--Worse yet, some Gender Disappointment sufferers NEVER even come forward with their disorder, because they're worried they'll be perceived as ungrateful.

--In case you're wondering, experts say Gender Disappointment is experienced most often by women who were hoping for a girl, but had a boy instead. (Parent Dish)

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