Monday, June 29, 2009

These are my show notes from last night. Does this sort of thing interest you? People always ask about our prep.

Would my evening show notes interest you. Let me know. They look something like this.

Had a great night to myself, which I never get. Was nice sat night. Erin was on a girls night, Raleigh was with overnight sitter. I went to a coffee shop, drank beer and worked on an article, read a little, still struggling through the Warren Buffet biography. Watched The Wrestler at the end of the night. Good movie to make you want to be closer to your children. Sad.

I'm enjoying getting back into the movie loop. Sandy and I talked about it, our generation is so tired of the Blockbuster films. The Wrestler is so refreshing. Did I mention I watched it at 1am. Anyone up all night watching movies? good 6am caller stuff.

Had a very Austin day on Sunday. Barton Springs. My daughters first time there. It's always colder and dirtier than I remember. Part coolness, part ghetto. I love chlorine.

I have a moral dilemma. I put out a coupe bird feeders and had all these incredible, cool little birds hanging out all the time. It was great and pretty cool. Some pigeons have discovered it an ruined the party. They consume all the food in a day and fight and shit everywhere. I want to get rid of them but keep the others. I can't bring myself to kill them but need a solution. Hate em.

When I was working on my article for AMH on Sat night, I was facebooking with my sister Chris. She's incredibly funny. I felt the need to send her a note telling her how incredibly funny she is and that we love having her around. Might make a good bit where we all tell someone something that's long overdue.

the news of deaths spreading on Twitter/facebook. I find this fascinating. Do you realize we are witnessing history on the way news is released. This week was a moment that I think will be studied in Universities years from now.

Spend an hour looking for a lost hamster in my house on Sat night. My daughter was fighting back tears while he was lost. It's going to be devastating when we lose this little guy.

Sara, why didn't you roll down the window and say hello when I was riding my bike and you passed me in the car?

MJ died at 50, Billy Mays died at 50. Is there a chance I only have 9 more years left? Am I making the most of it? Frightening.

Sandy's bday. Did you all forget. I'm sad about what I got him this year, but I had his best interest in mind.

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Jessica said...

So, I had a similar problem, but I just took the feeder down. However, I've done some research and this is what I've found.

Some peeps say if you put a rubber snake near the feeder the pigeons won't go near it. They also have fake owls, but snakes work well.

Also "squirrel-proof" bird feeders have gizmos that either keep a fat bird off it if it lands on the feeder or a feeder enclosed in a kind of cage that only little birds can squeeze through. And they're not all that bad looking, either (