Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lucky to be a judge at the Dell Children's Hospital Prom

Had a great time tonight visiting the Dell Children's Hospital. This is their second annual Prom. Great time with a DJ, dancing, hair, makeup and a dance contest. Here is the picture of the one corner of the Childrens Activity Center that listeners of Mix 94.7 paid for from our Radiothon a few years back

Here are the winners of Best Couple from the Dance Contest, Ian Fullbright and his friend Catherine

Most Bazaar Talent went to Caitlyn Kirby
Most Entertaining went to Josh Choppa

Thanks for having me out to be a part of the Dance Contest. Great kids.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Zach Galifianakis is officially my new favorite funny man

8 of the most important inventions you can expect in the next 10 years

--According to "Business Week" magazine, here are eight of the most-important inventions you can expect to see in the next 10 years . . .

#1.) OCEAN-DRIVEN HYDROPOWER. Dams use the power of rivers to generate electricity. But within the next few years, off-shore turbines will be using the same principle to harness the power of the ocean currents.

#2.) MINIATURE MEDICAL EQUIPMENT. Researchers in the Netherlands say they've developed a pill that can be loaded with medicine and programmed to unload at a specific part of the body.

--And a pen-sized device is being developed at the University of Texas that can detect skin cancer without the need for a biopsy.

#3.) NEW BIO-FUELS. The first round of bio-fuels were made from edible material, which caused a spike in global food prices. But now scientists are starting to create fuel using things like corn stalks, woodchips, and tropical grass.

#4.) TRULY ON-DEMAND ENTERTAINMENT. In the next ten years, cable television and the Internet will merge. And as they do, you'll be able to watch, listen to, or read anything you want, whenever you want.

#5.) SUPER-HIGH-SPEED INTERNET. The Internet is actually SLOWER in the United States than it is in parts of Asia and Europe, but within the next ten years, that's going to change. Soon, high-speed wireless Internet will be available nearly everywhere.

#6.) TINY COMPUTERS. Nanotechnology is allowing scientists to dramatically shrink the size of electronics. And researchers in Chicago recently came up with a new material that can store the equivalent of 250 DVDs on the space of a quarter.

#7.) SUPERCHARGED BATTERIES. Millions of dollars are being poured into research to develop longer-lasting batteries, which we'll need if we plan to end our dependency on oil.

#8.) A CURE FOR CANCER. Nanotechnology is also allowing doctors to make huge strides in cancer, AIDS, and Alzheimer's research. And some scientists think we're less than a decade away from curing those diseases.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

My daughter working out with boxing Champ, Jesus Chavez

Jesus Chavez is a great guy and showed my daughter a great time with a one hour workout. Interested in training with Jesus? Shoot me an email at

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Awesome day. My daughter got to train with boxing champ Jesus Chavez. Incredible guy.

Is Paula Abdul lying about her plane crash years ago

PAULA ABDUL has been talking a lot lately about that plane crash she was in back in the early '90s . . . and how it resulted in her needing multiple back surgeries. (--Somewhere between 13 and 15. The number varies from interview to interview.)

--Well, one thing nobody has done is CALL HER OUT and make her PROVE she was in a plane crash.

--But maybe somebody SHOULD . . . because there appears to be evidence that this plane crash NEVER HAPPENED.

--Paula has been saying that the crash happened in 1993 on her birthday, which is June 19th . . . SOMEWHERE IN IOWA.

--Well, the National Transportation Safety Board keeps a list of all plane crashes . . . and there's NOT one anywhere in the state of Iowa on June 19th, 1993.

--In some articles, Paula says the crash took place in 1992. But according to the NTSB, there hasn't been a plane crash in Iowa on a June 19th from 1990 through 1995.

--You can check for yourself at either of these two searchable databases . . .

--If you've been wondering why we only heard about this plane crash YEARS after it supposedly happened, Paula says it's because she KEPT IT OUT OF THE MEDIA.

--She was on tour, and at the height of her career, and she didn't want people knowing about it. In fact, she claims she was back onstage within days of the crash.

(--Paula probably could have kept the media from knowing she was in a plane crash. But she couldn't have kept the media from knowing there WAS a plane crash.)

(--And even if she could, I don't think she had the pull . . . even in her "Straight Up" days . . . to get the NTSB to pretend it never happened.)

--Also . . . Paula claims that her plane was bound from St. Louis to Denver. Would it have any reason to fly over Iowa???

(--Iowa borders Missouri on the NORTH. Denver is DUE WEST. I've heard of some crazy stopovers, but this one would make ZERO SENSE.)

--So the question remains . . . Was Paula Abdul in a plane crash???

Here's the cake that we sent to Judy Maggio at CBS 42

Look at how these pictures start out, and where they end up

Chick beat boxer

Friday, May 8, 2009