Monday, April 13, 2009

4 Types of People we referenced today


Most of us like to think we've had a hand in FORMING our personality. But it turns out that's NOT actually the case.

--Researchers at the University of Hull in England examined the brain structure of 85 different people . . . and compared that information with each subject's personality profile.

--What they learned is that a person's personality is directly linked to their brain structure . . . which was already determined at birth . . . and that we each fall in ONE of FOUR personality types. So what are the personality types?

#1.) "Novelty Seeking": Which means you're characterized by impulsive actions.

#2.) "Harm Avoidance": That means you're characterized by pessimism and shyness.

#3.) "Reward Dependence": This one basically means you have an addictive personality.

#4.) "Persistence": You're characterized by industriousness, hard work and perfectionism.

--A woman named Professor Annalena Venneri led the study. She says, quote, "This study shows that personality traits are something you are born with, but their full expression can be modulated during development with the right approach."

--In other words, it's not entirely your fault if you're a total jerk . . . because you were born that way. But, by this point, you're probably stuck being an a-hole for the rest of your life. (--Have fun with that, you jerk!) (New Zealand Herald)

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