Sunday, April 5, 2009

25 Random things about me as written by my wife, Erin

He gives to various charities every month even when we don't really have it to give.
He is extremely quick witted and clever.
He shared his love for me for the very first time by writing "Erin, I love you" on the screen saver of his computer in his apartment.
He took me to a Thai restaurant for one of our first dates and I thought the soup tasted like vomit. He then left it by my front door the next morning as a cruel joke.
He grew up with nothing which has a lot to do with why he spoils our daughter so much.
He is a very talented writer.
He never fails to be the person that makes the most inappropriate comment when we are with a group of people.
He exists on about 4 hours of sleep a night.
He will never dance and will tell you that if you see him dancing, to call him a cab because he must be drunk and about to pass out.
He gives me everything I ask for.
He is a great dad that encourages our daughter to do anything she is passionate about.
He is a loyal friend.
He looses it in traffic.
He grew up with three sisters that totally broke him in for me...thank you Stephanie, Chris and Nikki.
He has a very sick and twisted sense of humor.
He can't ever say no to a beer or a tequila shot.
He could watch Woody Allen and John Hughes movies all day.
He is an avid reader.
He apparently has no idea what the dirty clothes hamper is for.
He is a sucker for gadgets.
He has terrible aim when it comes to peeing in the toilet.
He can't eat cheese.
He won't admit it, but he's a good singer.
He likes hip jeans just as much as I do.
He still leaves me love notes.


Nadine Herbst said...

That's awesome. It is a sentiment to the fact that no matter how many flaws we have, we make the positive and love the people who have them unconditionally!
Thanks for sharing that...

Allison Crow Flanigin said...

What a great list! We should all make these for our spouses!

Monica said...

Awwwww...So sweet!

Unknown said...

I just moved here from california in july transfer in with office depot. but I listen you show every morning the 3 1/2 minute drive to work, but I have radio there in copy and print area so if it slow I can still listen, just wanted to comment on your wifes 25 list, I think this was really great I hook on you guys so I sending to all my blog. god bless bobby

Unknown said...

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since I am here I would love to see what lauren looks like, I hope I spelled it right.

have a great weekend
god Bless

Jeffrey Weiss said...

You've been selected as having one of the Best Random Things on the Web on your list. No kidding.

Come to to see your Thing and many others.

Thingmeister Jeffrey