Thursday, March 26, 2009

runners on the hike and bike in Austin are morons

This guy has a good point. Here's an email we got yesterday:

I pride myself at being raised here in Austin for the past 45 yrs. but when it come to the Town Lake runners and bike riders. I will say they as a group are the most dumbest people I have ever seen. Today while doing a construction project on the running track that goes under the S. 1st bridge on the north side. We had a portion of the track closed (300 ft). We had road cones, caution tape, warning signs and vehicles blocking the area off completely. The runners would just go around everything not even knowing why it was blocked off. We had heavy equipment, chain saws and a crane truck on the track and the runners and bike riders could care less. It really amazed me how stupid these people really are. You would have to see it for yourself.

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