Sunday, November 9, 2008

Survived the 10 Miler

Gilbert Tuhabonye had his 10 mile Run for the Water this morning. It was an early start... 7am.  I don't like to get up early on the weekend or head out into the cold. This was both. It was a beautiful morning. I haven't run 10 miles in about 20 years. It went surprisingly fine, especially since I'm waaaaay overweight right now. I hit the scale at 200 this morning. I should be about 175. Running was a LOT easier when I weighed 145 in high school (same height as today) Overall, I ran an 8:02 pace. I would be happy to run at a 7:00 pace, new goal of mine. I am also considering running the half marathon in Jan. I don't have much desire to run a marathon... been there, done that. That is what fried my knees 20 years ago, would hate to do that again.
Congratulations to Gilbert on his 2nd annual run.

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