Sunday, October 5, 2008

My first official complaint as a writer

This is in reference to the October issue of Rare out now. I'm pretty used to this from doing radio. This guy, marcus, doesn't really say why it offended him, but definetely some personal issues at the homestead. 

It takes a lot for me to really get pissed about somthing. Girls I've been talking to for a few weeks doing blow in front of me, Roomates that refuse to wash dishes, Neighbors that bring their Highschool Drama bullcrap into my house, none of these really phase me. After reading the "JB Rants" section in the latest issue of Rare however (October, 2008), I can honestly say I'm fucking offended.

The article starts off innocently enough, a voice backing some of the hardest workers in any industry, stating that "all waiters have 'in the weeds' moments," and that, "every citizen in America should spend two years waiting," but after that, the article falls apart into saying that waiters drink constantly, eat guest's food, and sleep with each other constantly (which he states 4 times throughout the article).

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Anonymous said...

I read the article as well and just wanted to tell you that it is pretty much right on. Most waitstaff is young and they do spend a lot of time and money on drinking, I work in the industry and have never seen anyone eat from a customers leftovers, but that may just be because i am at a fine dining establishment. However the sleeping with each other is definately true, I have seen the waitstaff make the rounds with each other, and although it does not include every single person it is definatley the majority that do follow the article. Sometimes the truth hurts. I think the article was awesome. Great Job JB