Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Here's another cute video I found from earlier this year

This is my 6 year old at a dance camp.

Squeeky chillin in the car

I've told you that my daughter has the coolest, most chilled hamster ever. Here is proof. Squeeky just chillin on my desk in a car. 

A new world record beach ball. Watch these wacky folks in Dallas play with it

Clint Eastwood still kicks ass. Check out this trailer to "Gran Torino"

Celebrities in costume

Tobey Maguire in his "I love my white trash wife" hat
Gwen Stefani as an egg.
Sasha Baron Cohen as a cow
Courtney Cox, the witch, talks to Kurt Russel, the pilot.
Cindy Crawford as Am Winewhouse

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ride for the Roses weekend

Long weekend and I completely overbooked myself. My dad was in town from Chicago and it was my mothers birthday. My mom and dad are not together, since about the early 70's, so you can imagine the juggling act. I completely ran out of steam and didn't do the ride on Sunday. I usually don't ride on Sundays but I woke up at 5:30 to head to Dripping Springs and do the ride and realized and just didn't have it in me. I went back to bed for a much needed 4 more hours of sleep. I knew I needed to take my dad and his wife to lunch and the airport, then head to my moms. It all worked out o.k. I hated to miss the Sunday ride, but I got to do the most unbelievable ride on Sat. Every year my cycling team helps out the LAF by doing support for the Peleton Ride. These are the big fund raisers for the LAF and they get their chance to ride and be photographed with Lance. My team rode out to Mandola Winery, hauling ass, which just about killed me. Two really fast paced hours on the bike. We rode with two groups. The first raised over 10k. I rode helping out two women in the back named Susan and Deb. They are about my age and have been best friends since the third grade. They both went to elementary and high school together, then later to KU in Kansas together. They live across the country from each other but have remained best friends. Susan has been fighting cancer for a long time and Deb was there in support of her. We had a great time chatting and they finished last, but finished their ride. I really enjoyed chatting with them. 
In the second group, all that had raised over 30k this year, I ended up looking out for an 8 year old named Max. I remember Max from a previous year when I rode with him and his dad. This year, Max was riding with his uncle. His dad has had an inoperable brain tumor for 10 years and is a real fighter.  Max ran the 5k on Sat morning and his goal was to ride with Lance and do at least 5 miles. We had a couple of big hills in Dripping Springs and Max did it all. His uncle took off near the end to get his photo op with Lance so Max and I got to ride the last two miles together. I broke my heart to know that this little guy will most likely lose his father in '09. I'm sure I'll see him again next year. I am grateful that I got to ride with him and his uncle. Their sister was just diagnosed with breast cancer and had surgery last week. I'm sure Max had his aunt on his mind this weekend too. See Max pictured here:

This pic is of me and Davis Phinney. Davis is a living legend in American cycling. He was winning big European races in the 80's when there wasn't much love or support for American cyclists. Davis is fighting his own battle with Parkinson's. He shows up every year to support LAF. He's a bit shakey when he's just standing there, but smooth as butter on the bike. Find out more about him at www.davisphinneyfoundation.com
Here is a picture of some of the big fundraisers there for their private ride with LAF.  This is John from my team giving them the rundown on how the ride with Lance will go. We try to make sure everyone gets their pic on the bike with Lance. P

Gavid DeGraw Drops by the studio

Chief Acevedo drops by the show

Always cool to catch up with our Police Chief, Art Acevedo.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

If you want to pitch in for my ride

I know it's not much notice, but I am riding in the Ride for the Roses this weekend. If you can pitch in some bucks for my ride, I would sure appreciate it. Even if you can throw in $5 that would be great. To donate, click here:

Click Here to Donate

My favorite sketch from SNL this season

Have you ever wondered if a monkey can ride a Segway?


if you're not sure what to get your kids this year, KB Toys has just released their annual "Hot Holiday Toy List".

--So what toys made this year's list?

--Black & Decker Junior Kid's Play Workbench

--Disney Princess or Sleeping Beauty Sound and Light Vanity

--My Happy Family Dollhouse


--A seven-foot by seven-foot Inflatable Bounce House

--Radio-Control Grand Canyon Express Train Set

--"Hannah Montana" In-Concert Collection Dolls

--"High School Musical 3" Sing Together Dolls

--31-inch Acoustic Guitar

--"Super Mario" Action Figures

--Light 'n Sound Kitchen Center Playset

--Razor Scooters

--"Ben 10" Action Figures

--Bakugan Booster Packs

--Rubik's Classic Cube Revolution or Magic Puzzles

(PR Newswire)

(--I know what you're thinking . . . "I have NO IDEA what any of this stuff is." Well, you can get more information on all these toys here . . .)


Captain Kirk tees off on not being invited to Sulu's wedding.

Monday, October 20, 2008

At Driveway Austin trying to chase an Ariel Atom

Raleigh driving a golf cart

I'm not the only one who get's to enjoy some time on the track. My 6 year old loves driving a golf cart on the track.  

My daughter, Raleigh gets dunked at her school carnival

Rick drives my car

One for  fun video for you. Here's my buddy, Rick driving my car at Driveway Austin.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

JB learnes the Pit Maneuver in a cop car

This is what cops learn to spin out a car in a high speed pursuit. My friend, Bill, is a pro diver and taught me how to do the pit maneuver and spin out a car. I'm driving police car and do this.  Tons of fun.

Driving at Driveway Austin

Such a fun weekend. My buddy, Rick, was visiting from San Diego. We got to get on the track at Driveway Austin and haul ass in a lotus. Got up to about 110mph and had a blast. Check out this vid. Sorry about the audio about half way through. Rick held his camera up over the windshield.

JB learnes to do a reverse 180 driving a cop car

Hanging out at Driveway Austin on Sunday and my friend Bill taught me to do a reverse 180 in the car. This is the cool hollywood move where you haul ass in reverse, spin your car 180 degrees and then punch it forward. Check it out.  

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Texas fight

8 min before kickoff my friend Andy inspires a tx fight chant to the

Espn gameday

At espn gameday drinking beer at 9am. Go horns!

Friday, October 10, 2008

In dallas

In D for tx/ou. At Mi Cocons in Plano waiting for an outdoor table.
Great weather. Having fun

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Tool Who Robbed California Grocery Store Wearing a "Guitar Hero" T-Shirt

Back in 1993, a dude named Vincent Dean Malicek was going to his high school prom with a chick named Stacey Ferguson . . . and no doubt expecting some naughty, post-dance FORNICATION to cap off the evening.

--15 years later, that "Stacey Ferguson" chick is better known as FERGIE . . . and Vincent is better known as The Tool Who Robbed California Grocery Store Wearing a "Guitar Hero" T-Shirt.  (???)  Seriously.  He did it last month.

Monday, October 6, 2008

You have to see this. Ozzy in concert

Not only does he completely mumble through his lyrics to "I don't want to change the world". Check out how he grabs a spray gun and only sprays this woman with ridiculous boobs that are completely flopped out on the front row. This is so ridiculous it's hilarious.

Why do I take such pleasure in this. Nickelback getting pelted and leaving a concert

Did you know Angelina has the lattitude and longitude of where is kid is born tattoo'd. check out her arm now

Since NBC is blocked out in Austin, you might have missed Tina Fey doing Sarah Palin on Sat. Night. Here you go

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Remember this kids name.....

My first official complaint as a writer

This is in reference to the October issue of Rare out now. I'm pretty used to this from doing radio. This guy, marcus, doesn't really say why it offended him, but definetely some personal issues at the homestead. 

It takes a lot for me to really get pissed about somthing. Girls I've been talking to for a few weeks doing blow in front of me, Roomates that refuse to wash dishes, Neighbors that bring their Highschool Drama bullcrap into my house, none of these really phase me. After reading the "JB Rants" section in the latest issue of Rare however (October, 2008), I can honestly say I'm fucking offended.

The article starts off innocently enough, a voice backing some of the hardest workers in any industry, stating that "all waiters have 'in the weeds' moments," and that, "every citizen in America should spend two years waiting," but after that, the article falls apart into saying that waiters drink constantly, eat guest's food, and sleep with each other constantly (which he states 4 times throughout the article).

Video of my daughters hamster, Squeeky having a snack

Youtubed to Death!!!

The following is an article I wrote for Rare Magazine for the Sept. Film issue. On stands at your favorite local boutiques and restaurants is the new "Food Issue".  Check out www.rareaustin.com for information on Restaurant week. 


Mike Judge was dead on when he predicted the dumbing down of America in his film “Idiocracy.” He predicted that eventually the number one show will be “Awww, my Balls” and the Oscar winning film will be called “Ass”. The single reason we are bottom feeders for entertainment is the one and only YOUTUBE.

Youtube is single handedly destroying films and civilization. I can prove it. I am going to start out on an indisputably pure subject and show you how quickly things fall apart. I log onto Youtube and search Mother Teresa, great philanthropist and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979.

(Search) Mother Teresa
The first video to catch my attention was video footage from a Mother Teresa documentary put to the U2 song “Grace”. Watching it I learned two things…Bono didn’t always wear sunglasses and I will mentally remove Calcutta from my “places to visit before I die” list.

(Related Video) U2 Angel of Harlem
I felt the guilts for not staying on the Mother Teresa route. Youtube suggested more footage from documentaries about her, but I was ready to move on. Between Mother Teresa and Bono I was feeling pretty worthless. I napped most of the day and drank beer. Again, it’s weird to see Bono’s eyes. 157,662 views

(Related Video) John Stevens – King of the Road
Of course, many U2 video suggestions came up, but the one that compelled me to click was John Stevens singing “King of the Road”. Remember John Stevens? The red headed crooner from season 3 of American Idol. Not only did he forget one of the lines on this performance, he lost to Fantasia! Loser. 24,958 views

(Related video) best tricks of KING OF THE ROAD
Of course it’s inevitable that youtube take you to a skater video. Here it is in 3 moves from Mother Teresa! I’m a sucker for good skate vids. This is a killer one. It has a naked skater, a couple of face plants, tattoos and thrashing tunes. Big props to them for not including a guy accidentally straddling a hand rail. 110,011 views

(Related Video) College Booty Shake
This is a webcam quality video of two college age girls doing a booty shake. If you are not familiar with Booty Shaking, it’s a type of dancing common among strippers. It’s fairly sexy and exotic on both African American and Latin women. White women think they can do it, but look more as if they are suffering from hypothermia. The objective with booty shaking is act as if you are standing on a surfboard, but only move your butt up and down. This video in particular is more focused on the two girls making out, a common theme on Youtube.
Views: 406,986

I have clicked on every single related video and they are all girls booty shaking. Many of them have over one million views. It’s impossible to leave this subject. This experiment is officially over!

Once you jump into booty shaking, it’s impossible to leave. Who are they making these video’s for? Their boyfriends? Their girlfriends? I can’t tell. There are some common threads with the booty shake vids. They are usually shot in a cluttered bedroom. There are usually two or more girls, the beefier one seems to always be initiating things. I think the beefy girls are using the skinny girls for web hits and attention. However, I don’t think the skinny girls would make this video alone, so I should really be thanking the fat one. “Thank you fat girl!”

We went from Mother Teresa to girls shaking it in your face in a measly 4 moves. What does that say about us and our society? The shear number of hits with skateboarding and booty shake videos are staggering. Any aspiring filmmaker who wants to take a cue from this should be developing a script staring Tony Hawk and Kim Kardashian. It’s a runaway hit.

Who needs mega box office smash hits staring pretty people like Will Smith or Angelina Jolie? Besides, I was tired of films set “Before civilization began” or “After it ended”… in middle Earth or outer space anyway.
Bring on the booty and bust an olie for me. My 8 bucks for the movie ticket is all yours.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

This is a letter my daughter wrote to God tonight:

Dear God,

These are my wishes
Please put a check in the box if you will grant me that wish.
Love, Raleigh

Make JB not allergic to cats.
Make me fly.
Make everything free.
Make Squeeky (the hamster) have babies.