Monday, September 15, 2008

Matt Nathason is coming to Mix!!!

Did you join our "friends with benefits" program at If you did then you got the newsletter today that Matt Nathason is coming to our studio's on Friday. I love this guy. I have been listening to his new cd for quite awhile, was thrilled when Mix added his new song "Come on, get higher".  Check out the video:

I first heard of this guy years ago. He was brave enough to do a cover version of one of my favorite songs, "Laid" by James.  It's a killer song from the early 90's that you might recongnize. It may also ring a bell because it was on one of the American Pie Soundracks. Here is a fun version of Matt doing it at a live show:

Now, in case you have never seen them, you have to check out James doing "Laid". This song was HUGE, especially in the U.K. Check out how crazy the crowd is and how into it they are. Also, it's interesting going back and watching old footage of James. I think at some point Michael Stipe of R.E.M. saw Tim Booth of James and decided he wanted to look and act just like that on stage. Maybe it's just coincidence, but check out this old concert vid of James:


Ryan said...

Love this guy's music. Been listening to him for a few years, and can't wait to see him again at the Parish in October.

Glad to hear he's going to be on the show this week!

pylorns said...

while I like the group James the first song you played of Matt instantly reminded me of Dave Mathews Band "crash"

Paul said...

Hey JB,
So I heard you guys talking about the Friends with benefits signup on the radio yesterday and I thought you said to signup by today for a chance to go to the Concert on Friday. I signed up today.. 9/16 - Was that too late?