Saturday, September 6, 2008

got a run in....thank goodness

Got to go for a run.  I don't know why I didn't pack workout gear. Seems like when I travel I always pack workout gear that I never use. I was trying to be honest with myself about workout here, so I brought nothing. It was nice to sleep in late and not wake up to an alarm, it's gorgeous outside and the game is not until after 8pm. I have nothing but time, which is rare. The sun is shining and we are right on the UTEP campus, which is gorgeous. I went down the univ co-op and bought a bunch of UTEP athletic gear...that's all they had.  I also picked up a card reader so I can upload some choice pics from last night that I took with my regular camera.
Hope all is well. I'll send more pics in a bit and definitely from the tailgating later. Very funny to see our pics the in paper today. Alex is looking like a big pimp in his hometown.

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