Sunday, September 21, 2008

couple of good cd's worth picking up

I've admitted, I'm horrible a reviewing music. I don't like to review it, be a critic or categorize it. All of the above sucks. but I did just buy a big ole batch of new music and the two that stood out most are:

Meiko- Meiko
I was getting impatient finding her official video, but check this out. Very "Grey's Anatomy", if you like Colbie Callait, you will likey...

The other one that is probably the best cd I've heard in 4 months is the new one by The Verve. Remember Bitter Sweet Symphony? You couldn't get away from that song at one time. Very mellow, with a rock feel, doesn't knock you over the head with catchy stupid hooks. This might be one of the best cd's of the year!... in my humble opinion.

I hate when they disable the embedded code.
Click on this link:


Anonymous said...

Wow - great find with Meiko! Just bought the album on iTunes -- good stuff!!

Anonymous said...

Meiko is great! She actually was on a Grey's Anatomy sdtk. I saw her at SXSW and she was super cute and talented.

-Cass (from B and C Show)