Sunday, September 14, 2008

Busy weekend

I think I'm completely nutso.  I'm taking my daughters 1st grade project a bit too seriously. I just ordered a one pound bag of bat guano (poop) on Ebay.  I'm going to use this to attract bats to our new bathouse. Not the best timing, aren't they about to leave?

Digitz was right, I spent way too much at St. Bernards Sports. They had a huge sale. We bought stuff for all of us, so I wasn't paying much attention to the total. When I got home I realized I bought a $128 pair of shorts. They were 20 percent off, but still, that's nuts.  They are just beige cargo's. No big deal.  I got some good deals on other stuff. I need to pay more attention when I shop. I rarely shop.

Today I did something I needed to do for a long time. I completely emptied my entire underwear drawer and also my sock drawer. Threw it ALL out. Why do I try to get a shelf life of a decade with this stuff. That's discusting.  I went to TJ Max and bought a basketfull of boxer/briefs and new socks.  Awesome.  

I just went on a new cd buying binge:

XTC- Homegrown (some old demo's, the only thing I think I was missing from my XTC collection)
Supergrass- Diamond Hoo Ha
Okkervil River- The Stand Ins
Guy Forsyth- Calico Girl
Jacokopierce- Promise of Summer (didn't know these guys were working together again)
Slightly Stoopid_ slightly not stoned enough to Eat Breakfast Yet Stoopid
The Verve- Forth
Mathew Sweet- Sunshine Lies
Duffy-Rockferry (have you heard Warwick Ave? Sad, sad song)
Donovan Frankenreiter- Pass it Around

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