Friday, August 22, 2008

You have to go see this film!

You might recall from years ago, we had a young aspiring film maker on the show named Alex Holdridge. He made a hysterically funny and cool film called "Wrong Numbers" using local talent and a shoestring budget. This film was about a couple of underage guys trying to buy beer in the course of one evening. A couple years later, we talked to Alex again when he was in Austin screening his next film that he wrote, directed and starred in called "Sexless". Growing up a Woody Allen fan, I saw this guy as the Austin version of Woody Allen. Sexless was a great relationship film and was the peoples choice for favorite at SXSW.
Alex is living in L.A. now, but still has a lot of ties to Austin and so does the crew from his new film "In Search of a Midnight Kiss". The movies rolling out worldwide to rave reviews. It opens Friday the 29th at the Alamo Drafthouse South. We hope to talk to Alex this week and get some more scoop on the film. Make plans to see it and bring all your friends.
These are the kind of films we need more of and fewer superhero/alien/crap movies. More details coming soon...

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