Saturday, August 30, 2008

Great news

I blogged a bit ago about how my old computer was fried and I lost everything, of course right in the midst of updating the software on my phone so I lost EVERYTHING. 
The guys at Mr. Notebook gave me such a doom and gloom answer about it all being a total loss. You guys came to my rescue on this blog and recommended to pull out the laptop hard drive and use this adapter. It only cost 25 bucks. So, far I have plugged it in and it works. I'm importing all of my photo's as of right now. It's totally working. I'm hoping I can import my old iphone backup, quicken data.  Itunes is not such a big deal. I also had a ton of important files and showprep on there. Glad to have it back. 
I'm going to go with an online backup after this and backup regularly. I'm relieved, although I have a ton of work ahead of me going through this hard drive.  Thanks for your help.  

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