Sunday, August 24, 2008

got some drama

I mentioned that I've been killing a ton of time setting up my new mac book. I had my previous laptop for about 4 years. It was slowing down and I hadn't backed it all up in the past year. Earlier this eve, I had both laptops open. I am in the process of moving everything critical to my new mac book. I opened both, backed up my iphone on the old one. Wiped out the iphone and then planned to backup the information. After I wiped it out, my daughter came over throwing a stuffed animal around and sure enough it knocked my drink onto the old computer. Fried it before I could back up anything, including my iphone. I have now lost all of my tunes, all my pictures from the last year, all my quicken data for the year and all my contacts. This sucks!

I'm cruising to Mr. Notebook tomorrow to see if it can be saved, at least the hard drive. Thank goodness we are not working tomorrow. We'll be back on tuesday, that will give me some time to get some of this straightened out. Hope everyone else's day went better.

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Lucy Wilson said...

JB, I am so sorry that this happened to you, what a bummer to have lost all your pictures etc... :(