Sunday, August 31, 2008

Rollin in style

Heading to Batfest with gargoyle in hand!

Dr office

Have Been waiting over an hour. Someones getting extremely bored

Hope she's not sick

Spending our sat afternoon at the pediatricians office. Sore throat.
Bummer. Hope it's nothing.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Great news

I blogged a bit ago about how my old computer was fried and I lost everything, of course right in the midst of updating the software on my phone so I lost EVERYTHING. 
The guys at Mr. Notebook gave me such a doom and gloom answer about it all being a total loss. You guys came to my rescue on this blog and recommended to pull out the laptop hard drive and use this adapter. It only cost 25 bucks. So, far I have plugged it in and it works. I'm importing all of my photo's as of right now. It's totally working. I'm hoping I can import my old iphone backup, quicken data.  Itunes is not such a big deal. I also had a ton of important files and showprep on there. Glad to have it back. 
I'm going to go with an online backup after this and backup regularly. I'm relieved, although I have a ton of work ahead of me going through this hard drive.  Thanks for your help.  

Still hanging with my little weekend buddy

At Chinatown with Raleigh. Recording longhorn game

Friday, August 29, 2008

Chillin at the hotel. Hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend

Hyatt lost pines

The bad weather from hurricane gustav kept us from taking our trip to
s. Padre. Instead we're chillin on the lawn at the Hyatt List Pines in

Thursday, August 28, 2008

In Search of a Midnight Kiss

This is the film we were talking about today. Support some cool Austin natives and go see this film. There is a screening plus q and a with Alex Holdridge and some of the cast Friday night at the Alamo South Lamar. It runs for awhile out there. Go see it! This guy is brilliant. I promise.  

Michael Phelps poor sportsmanship caught on tape

Phelps is a sore winner - Watch more free videos

Michael Jackson turns 50 tomorrow, this is a computer generated mockup of what he might have looked like without all the surgeries

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Do you want a piece of Princess Diana's wedding cake?


Today, a 27-year-old piece of cake from PRINCESS DIANA and PRINCE CHARLES' wedding (--in 1981) will be auctioned off in England . . . and it's expected to bring in around $40,000.  (!!!)  (Daily Mail)

(--It seems crazy that someone would pay so much for a stale piece of cake . . . but it's not unheard of.  In 1998, a guy named Benjamin Yim bought a similar slice of cake from Charles and Diana's wedding . . . for $28,600.)  

Heidi Montags music video???

"Hills" moron HEIDI MONTAG has unleashed a video for her latest "single", "Overdosin'".  It's apparently some sort of homage to those '80s workout videos.  (--We don't know what the hell this is . . . but it's 10 agonizing minutes long.  And the last six and a half minutes are WITHOUT SOUND.  

The many bad hair styles of Nick Cage

I never realized how many bad hairstyles NICOLAS CAGE has sported in his various movies . . . until I came across this list.  Check it out . .

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Not doing well on the computer resto

Things didn't go so well with Mr. Notebook. Quick recap. I fried my computer when my daughter knocked my drink onto my keyboard. I lost everything. A years worth of pics, all my quicken data, all contacts, all email, etc....  I know what you're thinking... you should have backed it up! No shit. That's exactly what I had sat down to do when the drink got knocked over. In fact, I had backed up my iphone, wiped it clean to do a software upgrade, knowing I could back up all my data. I had a external hard drive on my desk to back up all my critical data. 
So I go to Mr. Notebook because I hear they are good at this stuff. The guy asked me if I "tried to turn the computer on". I replied yes.  His response "bad idea". I got all this attitude from the freaking guy and felt like I was in trouble. He suggested letting it sit for four or five days to dry out and it "might" start.  I hate arrogant techie guys, they are so rude and can't believe we don't understand computers as well as they do. If the roles were reversed, I could easily explain to this guy where a vagina is on a woman... and his head would spin... 
so in the meantime. I have lost everything. Most upset about the pictures I lost... for now. Something will happen and something will restore this data. 
In the meantime. My head is spinning making the transition to "Mac Guy". I'm optimistic, but it's a looooooooong road ahead. Can you tell I look overwhelmed?

This cracks me up.

Awwwww... poor Diddy has to fly commercial cause of gas prices. (*** language***)

You would think he's going to talk about being more "green" and lowering his carbon footprint. Nope. Real classy. check out this video.

Yesterday, ABC announced the new lineup for next season Dancing with the Stars... here you go.

--("Keeping Up with the Kardashians" minx) KIM KARDASHIAN / Mark Ballas.

--(Deliciously gay 'N SYNC stud) LANCE BASS / Lacey Schwimmer. (--Yes, he has a FEMALE partner. Lacey is new to "Dancing with the Stars" . . . but you may remember her as a contestant on last summer's "So You Think You Can Dance".)

--(40-year-old soul singer) TONI BRAXTON / Alec Mazo.

--(Former "Wild On!" and "Rock Star" host) BROOKE BURKE / Derek Hough.

--(Former Olympic gold medal-winning sprinter) MAURICE GREENE / Cheryl Burke.

--(18-year-old actor) CODY LINLEY / Julianne Hough. (--Cody played Jake Ryan . . . Miley's boyfriend on "Hannah Montana".) (--For what it's worth, he's the youngest contestant in the history of "Dancing with the Stars".)

--(LEGENDARY "All My Children" soap opera minx) SUSAN LUCCI / Tony Dovolani.

--(Former chubby NFL star) WARREN SAPP / Kym Johnson.

--(Current Olympic gold medal-winning volleyball champ) MISTY MAY-TREANOR / Maksim Chmerkovskiy. (--Maksim took last season off.)

--(Actor) TED MCGINLEY / Inna Brayer. (--Ted played Jefferson on "Married . . . with Children".) (--This is Inna's first season on "Dancing".)

--(Celebrity chef) ROCCO DISPIRITO / Karina Smirnoff.

--(82-year-old former "Mary Tyler Moore Show" actress) CLORIS LEACHMAN / Corky Ballas. (--Cloris is the oldest contestant ever to appear on "Dancing".)

(--Corky . . . who's Mark Ballas' dad . . . is a retired competitive dancer. This is his first season.) (--If you didn't know, Mark's grandfather, and Corky's dad, George Ballas, was ALSO a dancer . . . AND he invented the Weed Eater.) (--TRUE!!!)

--(Comedian) JEFFREY ROSS / Edyta Sliwinska. (--Jeffrey is a chubby standup comic who appears on those celebrity roasts on Comedy Central.)

--The "stars" have already begun practicing with their partners. The upcoming, seventh season premieres on September 22nd.

(--The JONAS BROTHERS and JESSE MCCARTNEY will perform on the first results show, on September 24th.)

Hari Puttar

This is sort of funny. Warner Brothers has filed a lawsuit against the makers of an Indian movie called "Hari Puttar: A Comedy of Terrors" . . . claiming the name is too similar to "Harry Potter". If you watch the trailer, it actually looks like a total rip off of Home Alone

Sunday, August 24, 2008

got some drama

I mentioned that I've been killing a ton of time setting up my new mac book. I had my previous laptop for about 4 years. It was slowing down and I hadn't backed it all up in the past year. Earlier this eve, I had both laptops open. I am in the process of moving everything critical to my new mac book. I opened both, backed up my iphone on the old one. Wiped out the iphone and then planned to backup the information. After I wiped it out, my daughter came over throwing a stuffed animal around and sure enough it knocked my drink onto the old computer. Fried it before I could back up anything, including my iphone. I have now lost all of my tunes, all my pictures from the last year, all my quicken data for the year and all my contacts. This sucks!

I'm cruising to Mr. Notebook tomorrow to see if it can be saved, at least the hard drive. Thank goodness we are not working tomorrow. We'll be back on tuesday, that will give me some time to get some of this straightened out. Hope everyone else's day went better.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bad idea to buy a Mac yesterday

I broke down and bought a Mac Book yesterday. How stupid am I, paying $200 extra to have it in black. I'm a moron. I just should have held off on buying it because I'm completely engrossed in figuring it out. The worst part is that I really need to be writing a new article for Rare Magazine that's due and I'm goofing around with setting up this new Mac. I've never owned a Mac, never thought I would. The learning curve on all the features is overwhelming. I need to chill out and just write. The built in camera is fun. Now I have the whole family set up to ichat when I'm out of town or hanging at the airstream past bedtime.
Cool features, not sure if it's worth the extra $$$ yet.

Friday, August 22, 2008

You have to go see this film!

You might recall from years ago, we had a young aspiring film maker on the show named Alex Holdridge. He made a hysterically funny and cool film called "Wrong Numbers" using local talent and a shoestring budget. This film was about a couple of underage guys trying to buy beer in the course of one evening. A couple years later, we talked to Alex again when he was in Austin screening his next film that he wrote, directed and starred in called "Sexless". Growing up a Woody Allen fan, I saw this guy as the Austin version of Woody Allen. Sexless was a great relationship film and was the peoples choice for favorite at SXSW.
Alex is living in L.A. now, but still has a lot of ties to Austin and so does the crew from his new film "In Search of a Midnight Kiss". The movies rolling out worldwide to rave reviews. It opens Friday the 29th at the Alamo Drafthouse South. We hope to talk to Alex this week and get some more scoop on the film. Make plans to see it and bring all your friends.
These are the kind of films we need more of and fewer superhero/alien/crap movies. More details coming soon...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

North Ave Beach Cicago

Pretty incredible that you can spend the day on Michigan Avenue shopping and head 5 blocks east and hit the beach.

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Millenium Park Amphiteater

This is the amazing amphitheater in the middle of Millenium park. There doesn't even need to be a show going on and this structure compells people to photograph it. It's a piece of art in itself.

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Millenium Park Chicago

I think Austin is a role model city and I know that a lot of people have been looking to Austin to try to replicate the dynamics of our city. If Austin could take a lesson from any city, we should spend some time in Chicago studying their parks and park development. Below are a couple pics from Millenium park. This is an amazing place and a great centerpiece for the city.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Finally, something to make these bitches happy.

It's funny how you can schedule and plan a fun day to extremes while traveling. Traveling with two females is particularly challenging. They both have been on edge the whole time...until we ordered the The Volcano dessert at The Rainforrest Cafe! Somehow chocolate keeps the peace. In fact I am going to get some "Chocolate Keeps the Peace" t-shirts made when I get home.

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Top of the Sears Tower. 103 Floors!

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A shot of the New Trump Tower in Chicago

Pretty cool looking building, as you can imagine. It's still under construction. If you think Austin is full of cranes, you should see Chicago. There is a new building going up on every block. Much like Austin, the masses are moving downtown. Also, much like Austin, it costs a fortune for a downtown condo

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A little quality time on the Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier

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Having a good time in Chicago

This town require LOTS of walking. I am really loving that, but it becomes quite a workout with a 50lb kid on your shoulders. Yesterday, we hit Navy Pier, boat Taxi, the Sears Tower, a little bit of Michican Ave, and my daughters favorite, The Rainforrest Cafe. She LOVED this. Very cool for kids, although I found it to be very creepy to see couples in there without kids. It's like taking a date to Chucky Cheese. Weird.

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Sunday, August 17, 2008


This pic probably doesn't do it justice, but the Walking With
Dinasaurs show is kind of cool.


This is the view from my dads place in Chicago. That's Wrigley field
in the back

In chicago

Perfect weather. Going to the Living Dinasaur show later today.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sunday, August 10, 2008

I can’t watch womens gymnastics

I don’t know what the deal is. I get too emotional watching women’s gymastics in the Olympics. I never had this problem before. It’s because my daughter is 6 years old and I’m a father now. I just get too wrapped up in how young these girls are to be handling the pressure and representing their country. It’s just too much. When they make mistakes I feel too much for the girls, then their parents and I don’t know how the parents can console them at this level. Way too much pressure for early teenagers... and to think how intense their training has been since they were probably about 3! Something wrong with that.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

The best way to get around downtown... by bike!

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Kabalarians. The name description site

If you are looking for the website we were talking about for names and their descriptions. Here it is:

Make sure you put in the name that you go by, not your full name. For example, if you are Robert but you go by Bob, put Bob in Kabalarians.

It's scary how dead on this can be with people you know, or yourself. Great for picking baby names.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The douchebag is upset

It's cracking me up that I am getting messages through blogger about my Bobby douchebag comments. Classic. They all come from the exact same IP address pretending to be different listeners. I'm a lot more computer savvy than you realize.
I am really getting a kick out of the Quarter Millionaire. Not only does he sit there with his staff and listen to our show all morning and try to get on the air, he apparently spends his evenings on our blogs typing comments. I'm heading out for the evening to live a life in the REAL world. Have fun little sad man.

Hundred pushups

We all made a pledge to follow the program that is online. The program says that it can have anyone doing one hundred pushups after six weeks. Here is the site

On our initial test.
sandy did 30
jb 20
Alex 5
Bree 2

We'll update you soon. Play along. jb

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

In case you haven't seen my lovely dog in awhile

This is my lovely dog Diva. She is getting pretty old these days but still crusty and tough as nails.

Below is a pick of her growling at my friends dog. She's total jailhouse alpha dog tough girl. She doesn't take any crap from ANYONE!

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Pat Green and some shotgun beers

Good times on Sat. eve. We took a bus down to Pat Green at Whitewater amphiteater in New Braunfels. Going to see Pat Green takes a lot of people back to Pat playing at college parties around Tx. What better time to go old school and shotgun some cold beers!

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Monday, August 4, 2008

Total Douchebag. Article from Rare Magazine

Never have I had more response than the "Douchebag article" that I wrote for Rare Magazine last month. I refer to this article as "Ode to Bobby Bones". Very fitting for this a-hole. Isn't it horrible when you try to do some good in your industry and you have complete d-bags ruining your industry by making it as moronic as possible. Real "lowest common denominator" material.

Anyway, enjoy the dbag article from last months Rare Magazine:

My absolute goal here today is to talk to those of you who are young men in your twenties. I work with a lot of young women and they came to me and asked if I could do something about all the men in their twenties. They can’t stand them because they claim they all act like total douche bags. I completely understand why they date men in their thirties. Young men in your twenties, you ARE acting like total douche bags! Stop it right now. It’s absolutely out of control.

What has happened in recent years. I promised them I would do my part to try to get the word out. Douchism is very similar to narcissism, but with more cheeseball flair. Sometimes even being “cocky” is acceptable, if you can back it up, but being a DB is uncalled for and you do not impress anyone. Let me fill you in on what a douche bag is and you can decipher for yourself if you ARE one.

Are you a douchebag? Pop quiz number 1:

When you go out with your boys for the evening, does your outfit head to toe cost more than your monthly rent?

Have you ever spent more than $200 on a pair of sunglasses and do you put them on top of your head even if you are going out after dark?

Do you watch “The Hills” and not get completely frustrated with the guys?

Do you deny that you work at a kiosk in the Mall?

Have you upgraded your phone so many times that you are now up to a 10 year contract with your provider?

Do you pay the valet guy an extra 20 to put your Honda up front and does it have a huge exhaust system?

Do you overuse nicknames for women with your buddies? Ex: “Check out that baby, honey, cougar, kitten, spinner, etc…

Do you love Bottle Service at bars?

Do you look at the ads in GQ or a Brit Pop musician?

Have you modified your name to give it hairdresser type flair, such as changing Gerald to JuRahld?

Do you pick out shirts based on how the material feels or if your nipple ring with show?

Do you have a hookup at the gym to get supplements that you don’t see at a GNC?

Do you ever wear compression gear when your NOT working out?

Do you like it when people think you are talking to them when you are shouting to your Bluetooth earpiece?

Do you act like a big baller on a Vegas trip and have 8 guys crashing in one room?

Do you think it’s o.k. to jump in with a group of girls dancing with each other?

Do you talk about yourself in third person?

Do you have more than one type of hair styling product and/or do you use more than one mirror to look at your hair from other angles?

Are you a douchebag? Do you use any of this terminology on a regular basis?

Pop quiz number 2.


n.: a bad situation.

“Looks like we may have a shituation on our hands, I don’t know either of those door guys”

A Bag o' Beagles

Term used to ridicule a woman with a less than fit posterior.

“She shouldn’t even try to squeeze into 7’s sportin a bag o’ beagles like that.”

Textual Relations

To engage in dirty talk with ones partner via text message.

“Hold on dog, go on outside to smoke without me, I’m in mid textual relations with that baby from earlier tonight.”

Rut ro

“Uh oh” in Scooby doo language.

“Rut ro, looks like JuRahld (I) done forgot his ATM card.”


A term used to describe girlfriends that kiss at bars when drunk, usually do get attention. The female DB.

“Let’s roll up on dem barsexuals, smells of easy pickins, love dem bachelorette partays.”

Make it rain

Term used by a DB to convince the bouncer they are going to spend a lot of money if he let’s his posse in. It will be raining currency.

“Yo dog, we’ve been on da wrong side da velvet rope for over an hour. We promise to make it rain once we get in.”


This is what DB’s do to each other when on opposite sides of the room. It’s a pretend, mid-air hi five, usually because he’s talking to a girl.

“Why you wi-fivin that a-hole. He tried to steal your look.”

Clark Kent job.

This is what most DB’s call their job. It’s an excuse for why they work at a kiosk. Just a day job, a cover for saving the planet.

“Selling gyro-copters at the mall is just my Clark Kent job, me and my boys are working on building one of the skyscraper condo deals.”


Someone who asks many stupid, pointless, obnoxious questions. Most DB’s are askholes themselves, but don’t know it.

“Who you callin askhole, askhole?”


Some poor girl mistakenly gave a DB her number and he starts texting her that same night. This is the lag time between the DB asking if he can come over and her response.

“I’m throwin it out there to meet her at an after hours party, but my textpectations tell me she’ll reply to just come over to my place to break of a piece o’ me.”

So now I think you get the idea. If you answered yes, to any part of quiz one or use terms far too often in quiz two, it’s time to, as Dr. Phil would say, “take a look at yourself.” Try not to hate me for laying it all out there for you. I wish someone would have had this talk with me when I was 22. I wasn’t at the level of the douche bags of today, but I had to look pretty silly as a Tony Robbins protégé in the heyday of Nirvana. I can never redo that, but you still have time. Next time you go out, just wear a plain white undershirt. If you are worried that you can’t get into your club of choice wearing that, you don’t need to be going there anyway.

And as for you twenty something chicks, I hold you partially responsible for this mess we are in today. If you would stop talking to these guys and giving them your phone numbers, this would all go away and you wouldn’t have to pull and Anna Nicole and date 90 year old men.

A little treat for you... turn your speakers up

Dont Stop Believing - Journey Vs. Michael Jackson