Monday, July 21, 2008

Vacation in Carlsbad

Having a killer vacation so far in Carlsbad, Ca. I love this town. It's about halfway between L.A and San Diego. It's really a SD suburb but feels like it's own town. Not too touristy and not as pretentious as LA or SD. It's a very cool vibe and the beach is great. We managed to hang out all afternoon in the sun without roasting and sand is super soft compared to our Tx beaches. Raleigh took a surf lesson. Here she is with her instructor after the lesson. Video of the lesson is coming soon. I'm working on the whole making video thing and the learning curve is killing me.

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Lucy said...

HA! that instructor looks such the "typical surfer dude" from CA!! Raleigh looks at home with the surfboard too! I love the way you inspire her to try new things and encourage he with her talents.