Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Napolean Dynamite totally stold his look from Adam Clayton of U2. Check out this video

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Anonymous said...

Ahh yes.. the 80's!! For me it was rock legends RUSH and Van Halen (who recently toured for a ton of $$). I listened to Zepplin, Ozzy, Judas Priest and the whole lot from that time. Growing up in Corpus Christi, TX we had a great rock station (C-101) and the beach.

U2 was and will be the band from our generation and I really started to get into their music until I dated this chick who "loved and adored" Bono. One can only listen to The Unforgettable Fire so many times before it seems cultish. I stopped buying U2 cassettes (remember those things?) after we broke up and am now just discovering great albums like Boy and October ("Gloria" is one of my favs).