Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My dad would be proud...

My daughter tried her first shrimp head! If you are ever in Pacific Beach, try Surfside Sushi. It's a total dive that you would drive by three times before you found it. It's great, it's really fun in there and the food is great. The sushi chef, Ryo, is a big cycling guy. I started talking to him because I asked who had the killer fixed gear bike in the entryway. It was his. He built it himself and we started talking bikes. It turns out that Lance Armstrongs "It's not about the Bike" was the first book he read in English from start to finish. He says fixies are huge in Japan. These are the bikes you see bike messengers cruising on around town. I have two of them. One for training and one for goofing around. Anyway... I'm babbling. Next time you eat sushi, order sweet shrimp and have the heads fried. Good fun with the kids!

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