Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My daughter, the artist

This is kind of fun. My daughter is only six, but she has taken a real interest in art since she was about two. Her grandmother is an artist so she's been thrown into this environment for years... but loves it. I was trying to think of a little project we could do to give her some reward for her art skills. I found out that on the site www.cafepress.com it's pretty simple to upload any image you want and have it pressed onto a t-shirt. I am trying it first with a little sketch she did of some frogs. She did this one day in the back of the car while I was running errands. There's just something pleasant and fun that I love about this sketch. The tshirt I ordered for her should be here the end of the week. I want to see how it turns out before I order more things with other drawings/paintings. Just a fun thing to do that I thought those of you with kids might like.
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shawnem said...

She's really good. I can't wait til my 2 yo gets past the scribble stage. I only keep a select few she brings home from daycare. Please don't forget to let us see the finished product!