Sunday, June 8, 2008

The easiest trophy in the world

O.k. this is a tad embarassing. Luckily, my daughter has a good sense of humor about it. When we were in Port A, my friend Moore called and told me about a kids fishing tournament. $10 gets you a fishing pole, hot dog and a trophy. Great, my daughter will love this and it's something else fun to do. He says to hurry down there and sign up. I do and they explain that it starts at noon. I sign her up... perfect. I figured we show up at noon, they give the kids the gear, they go out on the Jetty and the tournament is on. Turns out, these are hard core fishing kids and they started as early as 5am. The weigh in for the fish started at noon. I'm an idiot dad... we didn't even go fishing. We had to wait around for the trophy because I had mentioned it to my daughter. An hour later, we get the trophy for no reason and my daughter razzes me about it for the next 24 hours. I owe her one legit fishing trip. In fact, it just hadn't registered to me to bring all our fishing gear with us to the beach. Next time, for sure, we are going fishing... but I'll probably take flack for the botched up tournament forever.
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8pistonMX5 said...

Hey, y'all did catch a fish! it just happens to be gold-plated and already mounted.