Monday, May 12, 2008

Marley and Me

I love traveling. I had a trip to L.A. this past weekend and that gave me a min of 6 hrs of reading time. This just proved to me how much you really CAN read when you put your mind to it. I would like to read a couple books a month and I'm certain I can do it this year, this was proof. You just have to set aside the time.
I wanted to read Marley and Me for a couple reasons. Everyone has been talking about it for some time, so I grabbed it at a bookstore knowing nothing about it other than it's name kept coming up, that was several months ago. A couple weeks ago, it came up on the show and Sandy wondered if he should read it because it might be too hard, since he is a Labrador owner and lover. His dog is about 12 yrs old so he's starting to worry about losing him.
I said I would read it and let him know if he should read it. For some reason he trusts me with my judgement. After 12 years of working together, we look out for each other and protect each other... which is nice.
The book started out really slow... It was so cutesy and so pedestrian with it's little puppy anecdotes. I was bored and couldn't believe there was so much hype and even more chatter since it was being made into a movie staring Jennifer Anniston and Owen Wilson. Owen, overrated, Jennifer underrated.
Anyway, I sloughed through all the cuteness for the first 50-60 pages and then it got better and better. I'm so glad I stuck with it. The author starts sharing many personal things and the process of growing up and older and it wasn't so much about the dog. I loved that. The point was, that the dog was "there" for them through all if their hardships; babies, miscarriages, crime, moving, job changes, etc...
Although I have been labeled not so much a "dog lover" from my comments on the radio, I truly love dogs and everyone I have ever had. I still get sad when I think about my first dog, Lady, a beautiful and loyal Collie that I loved so much. Now my fondness is not so much for pure breds like Lady (she had papers and all the AKC crap), now my fondness is for the overlooked ugly mutts. I have hit the motherload with my current dog, Diva. She's ugly as sin and sweet as hell. She as a death row dog at the shelter and the best dog I have ever had.
My point is, stick with the book, love or hate dogs... and you will fall in love with this family and their household dog. I cried and cried on the plane as the book wrapped up... I don't want to give away to much. It was well worth reading. For the record, I highly recommended Sandy read the book. I think his appreciation for his dog will grow even more in his final years and that will be well worth it.
Cheers Marley, you will be missed. What a great story....

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