Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Pearl vs. iphone

JB, You talked about the IPhone the other day and I hear Sandy talking about his Blackberry Curve that he likes so much. I'm really interested in your opinion about these two phones and your thoughts on them. I'm torn between the Blackberry Pearl and the IPhone. It would be greatly appreciated. I couldn't find anything on your blog. Thanks, Jill

I have been using the iphone for a bit. I had a Pearl before this. I enjoy the iphone more than the Pearl. I had a hard time getting used to the double key keyboard on the Pearl. I will tell you this, the iphone is still a slow keyboard, compared to the fullsize Blackberry. You might want to consider the the Blackberry Curve if you like to type with both thumbs... or if your blackberry is used a lot for email purposes.

The browser and pics are great on the iphone. I also love the way it organizes voicemail... but I still think the iphone is overrated. The next gen of iphone should be better....


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