Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Here is the study on High School graduation that will scare the hell out of you

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Unknown said...

What this actually does is piss me off. Where in the Hell is all the money squeezed out of taxpayers going? Obviously we're not getting the bang for the buck that we've been promised.

How about this? Let's bring back some SERIOUS discipline back into the classroom, re-institute the practice of sending the problem kids to reform schools, and STOP social promotions.

Next, stop this stupid TAKS testing crap. Let's get the kids in the urban areas engaged in education by whatever program it takes to get them into schools and keep them there. Education has become undervalued in the urban mythos, we need to change this - we need to make it "tres chic to be geek" or as a popular bumper sticker says "Knowledge is Power. Power is Evil. Study hard. Be Evil." You have to make it tempting to be smart, socially acceptable to be brilliant, and get these kids to understand that the only wealth that cannot be stolen is the knowledge they carry between their ears.