Monday, July 30, 2007

Someone with much more to say...

I have been on a bit of a dry spell lately. I spent the last week getting my taxes finalized for my visit with my tax accountant on Friday. Yeah, I'm on top of it, getting '06 taken care of in mid-summer. That being said, I do have something entertaining to share with you. My good friend from High School that I have mentioned on the air does these great book reviews. Larry owns a coffee shop in Mason, Tx called Coffee Mugs n' More.
He's an avid reader and his coffee shop is also a book store, mostly filled with books of his choosing, not necessarily the most popular books of the moment. He reviews books for the local paper and posts them on his website. He just sent me his latest review of on of my favorites, Woody Allen. You'll also notice that he puts a very personal angle on his reviews, which will prove to you how personal books are to him. If you are passing through or visiting Mason (just outside of Fredericksburg), duck into his shop for a bite, a coffee or a book for your trip. Here is his most recent review of Woody Allens new book and a personal story about us back in the day:

Coffee Guy Book Review

Mere Anarchy

By Woody Allen

Published by Random House (2007)

$21.95 Hardback

My sophomore year of college I moved into an apartment in east Austin that could best be described as somewhere between cheap and cheaper. My roommate, Jeff, was one of my best friends – we grew up together and were looking forward to having our own place and inventing new and interesting ways to turn ground beef into a complete meal. Practically joined at the hip the previous five or six years we exited our roommate experiment wanting nothing more than to bludgeon each other with the never used rolling pin or perhaps one of the various auto parts we used to clean in the kitchen sink (nothing says dinner time like the odor of Berryman carburetor cleaner). A decade later we buried the proverbial hatchet over a beer (okay, twelve beers) and wondered what it was that caused the rift in the first place. Was it my near obsessive-compulsive disorder and Jeff’s, uh, not obsessive-compulsive disorder? Timeliness in bill paying? Psychopathic girls we dated? A scratched LP? Neither of us knew. And in the end it didn’t matter. It was all water and various illegally dumped chemicals under the bridge. We’ve remained very close friends since.

I bring all this up because in doing some research (yes, in addition to my actually reading the book I also do some research for each review; granted, this usually consists of skimming the dust jacket for the publisher or seeing if there is a review I can plagiarize without getting caught, it is research nonetheless) for my latest review I came across something very interesting. I found my paperback copies of Woody Allen’s Side Effects and Getting Even and discovered Jeff’s name scrawled inside the covers denoting ownership of said books prior to our doomed cohabitation. Uh-oh. What else did I steal? I quickly rifled through my vinyl albums and found only one (INXS Listen Like Thieves) bearing Jeff’s signature (I’ll bet he wishes I kept his Corey Hart album instead). Oh, man, was my want of hilarious, intellectual, absurdist story telling and INXS’classic blend of funk, pop and rock at the root of our skirmish? Nah, Jeff has a horrible memory – for all he knows Woody himself graced our humble abode and delivered those books personally.

Anyway, I loved those books. So I was pretty excited to see that Woody had put together another collection of stories in the form of Mere Anarchy. Happily, I was not disappointed. Mere Anarchy picks up where Allen left off some twenty-odd years ago. Great story titles (“Sam, You Made The Pants Too Fragrant”), wonderfully absurdist takes on real life gone extreme (a three-year-old being turned down to a prestigious nursery in Manhattan in “The Rejection”), fantastic character names (Comfort Tobias, Doxy Nash, Max Endorphine, Chic Arbogast, Galaxie Sunstroke, etc.) and metaphors galore (“the woman let out a piercing shriek of the type that alerts to enemy bombardment”). Oh, and the stories are funny too. I’ve always loved the way Allen sets you up with complex and verbose prose only to finish with a punch line launched straight from junior high school (“I might look at the same face and see something you’d find for sale in a live-bait store.”).

I’m guessing Woody Allen isn’t for everyone. But if you’re someone other than everyone this is a must read. Perhaps I should send Jeff a copy (gratis of course) to make up for old transgressions…

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Reading Goal

My goal for the year was to read two books a month. I've fallen a couple books behind. I was very, very far behind but with the recent vacations, I'm catching up.
I was inspired to read more after hearing Autumns brother go through his list of books he read last year. It got me motivated to get off my ass. Of course, I don't quite read books that are on his level, but I'm trying. Originally, I thought a book a month would have been good. That would have been more than double what I read in '06 anyway. then I thought I should put more pressure on myself and doubled that number.
On my last trip I read a good one that is a good one for anyone who wants to learn more about writing. It's called A Forest for the Trees by Betsy Lerner. Anyone who is a professional writer probably already knows about this but I think this would be a great book for anyone who wants to better understand a writer, if you have a relationship with one. I just wanted to pick up a few writing tips. It was a bit more industry inside than I wanted, but a very good book.
I started a good one called Road Trip Nation. College students in a run down RV cruising around the country trying to land interviews with some big names in business. This became a PBS radio special as well. I like how brief it is with each industry leader and it cuts right to the chase with some advice from each of them. The theme so far is that no one really planned to get to where they are or even in that industry. Life has just lead them on this interesting path. Will report back when I'm done with this. jb

Monday, July 23, 2007

Baby's love Rope Climbing!

This was a classic moment on the trip. You may have heard on the radio how we always joke when people take babies to inappropriate places like Vegas or Rock concerts.
We're in Chicago in the Children's Museum at Navy Pier. They have this very cool pirate ship that connects 4 floors. It's designed for the kids to climb from one level to the next. We're waiting in line so our daughter can climb to the next level. There's a woman in front of us with a newborn wrapped up in one of those homemade over the shoulder baby. I'm pretty sure the baby was asleep and this silly, silly woman spent the next 15 minutes trying to wiggle a sleeping infant through this rope climb. Several times we saw the babies foot get caught in the ropes and the mother had no clue. I had to take a picture of this. All the moms waiting in line with their toddlers couldn't believe what they were witnessing and all were talking about "what a moron this woman was".
I had to take her picture. what a complete idiot. Babies love Pirate Ships! Enjoy.

Nothing quite says "relaxing" like a speedboat ride on Lake Michigan

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Sometimes jumping on hotel beds is more fun than anything a city has to offer

Atop the Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier. Chicago.

Having a good time in Chicago.

There is so much to do in the city it's overwhelming. We really should have planned on several extra days. Not that we need to try to do everything in one trip, it's just that we want to do so much more.
Had fun at the Childrens museum yesterday. More pics coming soon.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Amazing what a little time off work will do for my attention span and time to read. Just finished another book that I really enjoyed. Leaving Microsoft to Change the World is a great book by a former (reformed) executive who wanted to give more meaning to his life. Having made a good living from stock and early entry into Microsoft allowed the author, John Wood to leave his job (pre sept 11th crash) and find more meaning in his life. It all started with one soul searching vacation in Nepal where he met a man from a remote village and talked about how the children there were eager to learn but had NO resources. He pledged to this man to come back with books for these kids, which he did.
John Wood fell so in love with this program that he quit his job at Microsoft and started Room to Read.
This book takes you through the journey of starting a non profit, building schools and libraries in Nepal and then taking it to many other countries. He talks of some interesting characters, in particular, Vu, who would work nights in a hotel and was studying several languages at once in Viet Nam so that he could have opportunity. He was also teaching himself computers for a better future. Amazing.
This book was very uplifting and encouraging about the future of our world. John Wood certainly has a perspective we all could use to build a better world and certainly change the global perception of what Americans are all about.
As always, I would never ask you to donate to something I didn't find a good cause and have donated myself. This is a good one and a good read.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

A song that kicks ass

I went on another cd buying spree today. I love buying cds and ripping the cd's so I have total control of what to do with the songs. Screw itunes!
Here's what I picked up today.

Smashing Pumpkins- Zeitgeist
Amy Winehouse- Back to Black
James Morrison- Undiscovered
Feist- The Reminder
Paul McCarteny- Memory Almost Full
Until June- Until June

I'm ripping all these cd's which takes just a bit of time. I'm anxious to give this new stuff a listen. As I look at the cover and inserts of Paul McCartney's cd, I can't help but laugh. I love him but he looks like a complete Tool in these photo's. How could someone as big and powerful as Paul McCartney, surrounded by so many people, not have some tell him that his new cd pics look like Glamour Shots. I'm sorry Paul, you look like an idiot. I have high hopes for this cd. Paul is still in my top 5 concert list from when I saw him at Texas Stadium in the 90's. He's right behind James Brown on the list and ahead of The Police and Public Image Limited.

For the kick ass song. While I was ripping all the new discs I was going through my hard drives listening to a lot of early 90's alt rock. I stumbled across and band and song that I absolutely loved. When was the last time you heard The Submarine Song by The Candy Skins. What a absolute kick ass song from a band that we have forgotten about. The helped launch Brit pop and the alternative scene before we really knew what it was. Good times.

I'll let you know about some of these new discs soon.

In the meantime, the best new music I have found are both Austin bands.

What Made Milwaukee Famous and The Small Stars. Killer, killer cd's.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I officially suck at everything I do... watch this video

Tour de France

I love this time of year. The tour started on Saturday and will be on for there weeks. I know a lot of you got into it when lance was competing, but I hope that many of you will continue to watch an amazing sport. I know it's confusing at times, but the more time you give it the more you will love and understand it.
Watch for American Levi leipheimer to do well and us longtime fans always want to see American George hincapie to do well, even if it's a single day of glory.
Coverage is on every day on vs network. Cable channel 470 here in austin.
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Monday, July 9, 2007

Separated at Birth

Have you ever noticed how much Nicole Richie and Ren from Ren and Stimpy look alike?

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Now this is cool! Garmin 305

It's taken me just a bit to figure all this out, but I have been loving my new toy. For fathers day my wife got me the Garmin 305, which is a GPS for my bike. This thing is amazing and it's smaller than my Blackberry Pearl. It mounts on my handlebars and tracks my route, elevation, speed, Heartrate, time.... you name it. I just got it set up to sync with Google maps so I can show you rides. There is a cool site it syncs with called Motion Based where you can lookup rides, runs etc... that other people have uploaded, download them to your device and follow them.
I am going to see if I can share you this with you. You should be able to see the route I rode on Saturday with a few friends here:
Pay no attention to the total ride time. I was feeling horrible from the time we got to Lockhart and totally bonked on the ride home. It should have been a much shorter ride than this, timewise, but I pretty much blew up.
What an amazing gizmo. It's hard to believe they can pack so much into such a small device with no subscription service whatsoever. Amazing.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Narrowly missed disaster

I still can't believe what happened yesterday. I thought I was seeing my 5 year old daughters life disappear before my eyes. I know kids have accidents and get hurt all the time, but this absolutely freaked me out.
My daughter and I love to go bike riding on the town lake hike and bike trail. We started out years ago with the kiddo travel trailer, we graduated to the attachment bike and not too long ago made the full leap to kids bike without training wheels. She's done it may times before and we have such a great time doing it. Yesterday, we were riding and had to make a couple of new detours because of the recent flooding. We got off the trail, took the road through Zilker Park and onto the path along the kiddie train rides. We needed to take the path across the tracks and back onto the hike and bike trail. Just across the railroad tracks is a sharp left. I should have known that this sharp of turn would be a challenge for my daughter but she has been doing so well on the bike and has learned to slam on the breaks when things get out of hand. I went ahead of her and said "follow me". She struggled to make the turn, realized she was in trouble and hit the breaks. She stopped just at the edge of going off of a drop...then the bike creeped forward and her front wheel went off the sidewalk and dropped about a foot. This sent her bike in full forward motion down about a 10 foot rough downhill drop. It was as if I was watching all this in slow mo and trying to scream "nooooooooooooooooo!"
She stayed on the bike through the downhill, crossed the hike and bike trail and went off of another 10 foot drop that was so steep I couldn't see her once she went over the edge. The banks of this drop and forestlike with the trees. I thought for sure she was going to slam into a tree until I heard the splash. She flew over the edge and landed in Town Lake! I don't even remember jumping off my bike and running down the first hill. All I remember was taking one large step on the way down the second cliffside and landing in the water, where I went completely under water. She already had her head out of the water and was crying. I was immediately trying to assess the damage. I couldn't believe she didn't hit a tree. I was half expecting her to be unconscious when I got there and was certain that there would be broken bones. I lifted her up and out of the water and was trying to see where she was hurt. She was crying but also so cooperative in trying to talk to me to tell me what happened. Miraculously, she only had small scrapes on her hand and on one knee. About 30 minutes later she had a bruise on her shoulder, not sure what she hit with that one.
A jogger was going by, saw the whole thing and jumped in there right after me. He was so nice to pull her bike out and offer to find someone to call for help. It didn't take long to see that nothing was broken and I just was trying to calm her down and convince her that she was o.k. That guy left and I barely got to say thanks.
We weren't terribly far from the car, so we left the bikes and took off for the car. She was so upset about the whole thing. By the time we got the car, she was totally calm about it, she just wanted to get home and put on some bandaids. Since she seemed o.k. we cruised by to get the bikes in the car. Fully expecting them to have been stolen by then, I was surpised to find them still there... thank you Austinintes. That would have made things a million times worse to explain to her that her bike was stolen after all that.
I hated making the phone call to my wife to tell her that I almost broke our daughter. She met us nearby. I think I needed the comforting more than my daughter did. The reality started sinking in of how close she came to possible head injury ( she was wearing a helmet) or drowning. Very scary.
I expected her to be totally sore today from the incident, she was right back to herself. I'm not quite there yet.
We're going to take a step back and use the attachment bike until the trail gets back to normal. I'm worried that she'll be scared to get back on the bike and give it another try. She seemed positive about going back down there. I blamed the mishap on the rain and flooding. She was very clear to me that "if we go down there and see any flooding, we're going straight back to the car and going home Dad!"
I love her so much and that was truly some sort of blessing for her to be o.k. She later told mom that she had her eyes closed through the whole thing. From my angle it looked like she navigated through all those trees. It was a mini X Games with a 5 year old. We're damn lucky.

Thursday, July 5, 2007


We're about to have a work meeting. We decided on Fado. Some big soccer game is on blaring in Spanish. Do you really need sound for soccer?
Do they teach these guys how to roll around on the ground screaming in pain or are they born with this talent?
I must be invisible. I really want a beer.
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Trying out the new mobile Blogger which means I can send emails from the phone. I tried sending a pic from sushi last night. It didn't work. Would love to be able to send pics dom my phone.
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Current article in Rare Magazine

Here is the current article that I wrote for the summer issue of Rare Magazine. Subscribe!

It’s tough being a straight guy in this town. I’m not sure when and where it happened, but all of the sudden, looking, acting and dressing like a hetero breeder became uncool in Austin. It’s been something that’s been happening for several years now and most of us straight guys have been left behind looking ridiculous. I think it became most evident during SXSW, this year. I know most of the musicians are in from out of town, but something seems to rub off every year after they visit. The musicians, predominantly male, were waify thin and looked as if they have been living off of cigarettes and coffee. This is BAD for us regular guys. Sure, I was fine when women had pressure to look like starved out runway models, but now this pressure is on us dudes, and it’s scaring me right out of my pleated Dockers.

I’m pretty close to being a native Austinite, having lived here since well before my voice cracked and I first slow danced to Journey. This town’s hip quotient is passing me up and I’m hanging on for dear life. Is the straight man dead? Welcome to Brokeback Mt. Bonnell.

It seems like just yesterday, I ruled this town. Cruising down Sixth St. with my hair feathered, t-tops out on my limited edition Indy 500 Trans Am with Eagle on the hood and the hologram dash…Sister Christian blaring on the cassette deck…only slightly warped from last summers heat wave. Sweet moustache flowing in the wind. Good times. O.k., so this was really Burt Reynolds, but there were many guys like that who felt comfortable with their manliness in Austin, Tx. It was cool to be manly around here since this town began. Our last hurrah as a straight man was before the tech bust, where we were newly paper rich dorky guys with swoopy hair, top siders, blowin money on Cigars and Successories to hang in their office, you know, pictures of a lone runner silhouette heading off into the sunset with some saying like “Persistence, every NO gets you one step closer to a YES”

This town has reinvented and it belongs to the gay man. Mens fashion are on a fast pace to catch up with women’s fashion and it’s left us genetically uncreative types left looking like 80s rejects with our paisley ties and Rick Perry Hair. There is a strange phenomenon going on right now, the pressure is coming off of women (Dove Ads) and increasing on the men (Queer Eye). Us straight guys have to decide, do we stick with our Gap Khaki’s and Nautica shirts and throw down and try to fit in. I opted for the later, but it’s a slow….long process.

First things first. I went through my entire closet a few years ago with my wife and told her to throw out anything that seems outdated. I was left with a bathrobe and a pair of flipflops. I was much further out of touch than I had imagined. I’m prepared to spend some bucks and make this work. I went to work on the new wardrobe at Nordstrom, 2nd st. district, HEM, etc… Here’s what I didn’t realize. You have to be thin to wear any of this. WARNING! Don’t clean out your closet til you drop a min of 30lbs. So I get a gym membership and hit it hard for months. I had one training method. Do the same wokouts as the guys with unnecessary facial hair. They know what they are doing I slimmed down to a smooth 34 waist and tried the shopping thing again. I was feeling better once my moobs were gone…things were starting to fit. STICKER SHOCK! Mens jeans are now $150 and up? What the hell happened.? Men’s jeans are no longer stacked on he wall, they are hanging on racks and people are starting dressing rooms for us. You know you are in a high end store if after closing the dressing room door everyone still has a clear view of your genetalia. They are unisex and macroview.

So I finally take the first leap into the fashion with a simple pair of Diesel Jeans. You can go as crazy as you want. You can start out simple, with nothing on the pockets, no tears or designs and drop $125 or go so far that the jeans come with a 22 year old Barista from the Mid-West named Shawn, these will set you back about $450.

Now I need some shirts. It doesn’t take me long to figure out that the only fashionable shirts I can afford are t-shirts and these will still set you back at least $80. I don’t really know what fashion is, but I’m a keen observer and here is what I determine to be a fashionable t-shirt. It needs to have another t-shirt of the same color ripped up and sewn onto this one OR vague images of skeletons doing inappropriate things, OH, and and XL is really a small.

I just have one plea. Can the stores and the designers help us straight guys out. We need our own section to help us dress properly. Sort of a Giranimals for straight guys. We can’t pull off everything that the average svelt gay man can. We not only need our own section in this brave new fashion world, perhaps we need our own brand. Sort of a FUBU for straight men. HETERO HIP or just HEHIP for short, which of course, will be run by gay men. Please, please, women and gay men of the world, help us out, we’re not after the same thing. We desperately need your assistance, but please don’t make us listen to any more Robbie Williams while we shop.

Austin Monthly Article

Here is the article I wrote for the summer issue of Austin Monthly Home

I feel like such a woman. I’ve always heard women talk about wanting to be “centered” and laughed. You know, centered as in, listening to Sarah Mclachlan, candles, in a bubble bath with Oprah in the tub with you. Being “Centered” made no sense to me so my immature way of making sense of it was to laugh at them. I get it now. Ladies, you were right, you are always right. I am going to tell you how I discovered being “centered” and give you a golden opportunity to laugh at me, just hear me through to the end of this and I’ll have you right there with me.

I very well may have found peace on Earth and it’s where you would least expect it. It’s not on a Hawaiian beach, it’s not in a vacation home in Malibu and it’s not even overlooking lake Austin from a negative edge pool. That sort of bliss is quite pricey and I just don’t have those sort of funds. That sort of luxury is reserved for Tom Cruise, Carrot Top and the creator of Girls Gone Wild. I’m a man of modest means and finally filled my curiosity about relaxing in a 7’ x 22’ aluminum bullet called an Airstream. Anyone who has ever set foot in an Airstream knows exactly what I’m talking about. To the rest of you, this is going to take some explaining. When I talk of enjoying hanging out at my Airstream under the Pecan trees of central Austin, I see and hear the snickering. You don’t know what you are missing.

First of all, why a 1966 Airstream? I have always had this attraction to things from the 60’s. The architecture, the cars, furniture, it was an amazing time and things were built with a quality, simplicity and modernism that is still pleasing to this day. It reflects on a simpler time; no voicemail, no internet, no cell phones, and the last decade that our children listened to us… since then kids pretty much have two gestures, holding their hands out for money or flipping us the bird. I’ve always had this attraction to those large, aluminum bullets cruising down the road. Airstreams are something that are a total slice of Americana, hand riveted in the mid-west. Did you know that there is a sign that hangs in the Airstream factory telling it’s employee’s to “Slow Down”. That’s beautiful. Did you know that over 60% of Airstreams ever built (starting in the 50’s) are still on the road, and those are just the one’s we know about. That’s a conservative number. A 1963 Airstream bambi (the smallest one) has recently been placed in the Museum of Modern Art in NYC, not to mention that Matthew Mcconaughey has several Airstreams of his own, “Just keep livin baby, L.I.V.I.N!”

Secondly, why the trailer park? I love this place. I mean I absolutely love this place. Some people have weekend homes, some like to get away to hotels, and some like to spend the weekend on boats. Everyone needs a place to chill, where they are less accessible, but more importantly, where you are not thinking about your To Do List. We all think too much at home, there is a tremendous draw to either waste time or try to be too productive. It’s either playing with the Xbox or remodeling the bathroom. I’m more guilty of just wasting time. You know how you can kill time at home without really doing anything? Don’t we spend most of our evenings trying on outfits or checking the fridge to see if the Whole Foods elves filled it up for you since you last checked it 5 minutes ago? We all need somewhere we can go where there is no t.v., nothing to do, and you REALLY learn to relax.

Let me paint a picture for you of the life in the Airstream in a trailer park. Whether you want an in-town park or something to take on the road for a weekend trip, it might be just right for you and it might just change your summer plans. I feel like I only have a few choices of what to do when I hang out in the trailer park; relax, read, listen to music, great conversation. You’ll be surprised at how much you can relax when you don’t have home distractions staring you in the face. We have designated that the Airstream would be a NO TV place, what a time waster. You will be shocked at how much of your life you can steal back by not watching “The True Hollywood Untold Story of Alf”. Hanging out at the trailer combined with the no t.v. policy, has really helped me discover new music. I have a new tradition that when I know I am going to have a couple days to hang at the trailer, I duck into Waterloo Records and grab a couple new cd’s and give them my undivided attention at the park, because I finally can. Many thanks to the Airstream I have recently gotten to know Delbert McClinton, Lucinda Williams, The Shins and Phoenix. I don’t know if I would have gotten to know them with the old routine, I’d still be enoying the likes of Lou Bega, rehearsing my dance steps to “Mambo #5”. The absolute best part of hanging out here, either traveling to a park or as an in-town getaway, is great conversation with people I care about. Everyone who has come to visit comments on what a great time they had here, but they can’t really put a finger on it, they just remember that they really enjoyed “talking”. Most of the time we visit with friends in loud restaurants or clubs and inevitably the location and crowd becomes the topic of conversation. Here, you can really get to know someone and become much closer, or farther apart if you finally find out your buddy is an #@!hole.

How do you put a price on peace of mind and quality time with the family? I’ve figured out that there is a very short window of time to truly enjoy my daughter. It really is a small window from the time kids depend on you to change their diaper to the time they ask you to walk 20 feet behind them at the mall. I don’t know about you, but I’ve felt like I’ve been running on a treadmill for most of my life. I need things to slow down. How about the times I was aACTUALLY running on a treadmill? That’s like, Matrix-Trekie sort of stuff. I was virtually time traveling or something. We are going to live decades longer than our ancestors, make the time sloooooooooooow it down. I went on a mission to find that “centered” feeling and I may have finally found it, nestled under a pecan tree on a tiny piece of earth, next to a 40 year old trailer. Life at the Airstream is a total throwback to a time when people used to sit on the front porch and talk. I mean, really talk… and really listen. What an amazing concept. Fire up a grill and grab a cold one from the icebox… take a load off your feet and tell me your story, for the first time in my life, I’ve got nothing but time.


Finished another book last night. Buddha by Deepak Chopra. I'm sure a lot of you have heard of Deepak. He's a pretty well known spiritual leader, personal coach and motivational speaker. I picked up this book thinking it was more of a historical count of the life of Buddha. Turns out it was much more of a fiction version. Seems as though it was written with the hopes of making it into a movie, much like Ghandi or Passion of the Christ.
I almost put it down after a short while since it really wasn't what I was looking for. Seems like an automatic sin or bad kharma to put the book down too soon. It turned out to be a well told story, just not the kind of story I would normally prefer. It felt very Hobbit or Lord of the Rings like.
The afterward brief explanations of Buddism were far more interested.... but again it was a well told and colorful story.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

great news!

Nicole Richie is pregnant! I love baby chihuahuas's!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Eat, Pray, Love

Eat, Love, Pray is the title of the book I was talking about on the air today. I can't imagine a woman alive that wouldn't love this book. Some more than others, but I think you all will love it the way you like certain things like Sex in the City, Desperate Housewives or Grey's Anatomy. The book is by Elizabeth Gilbert and it's about her journey to find herself and her spirituality after her difficult decision to divorce. I love this woman and this is now one of my favorite books. I got this email from a listener today which is great news.

JR was “right on” about the book making great tv/movie material. From the author’s web site ---
According to Variety "Recently,
Paramount Pictures has acquired screen rights to the Elizabeth Gilbert memoir "Eat, Pray, Love" and will develop it as a star vehicle for Julia Roberts".


O.k. so she called me JR, which is close enough. This is great news. This book and movie are going to be a "Big Deal". I promise. You won't be able to put it down and you are going to relate to Liz on some level.

I have to thank Kathleen for suggesting this book. I read it on my vacation last week and can't thank you enough.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

trip over

At the airport. Heading back to austin. We really miss our daughter
I can barely walk on my foot the darn thing is killing me. Hopefully I will get some good news from a doc. Hopefully I can see one tomorrow