Saturday, June 30, 2007

via cell from pb in sd

We're cruising up and down the beach on rented cruisers today. The shop we went to rents phat cycles which is pretty cool. Rein is shopping and I'm having a Stella on a patio. My foot still hurts like hell but not when I'm riding the bike. That's encouraging. I'm worried that I won't be able to work out for awhile. I can pack on 3. Lbs in a month if I'm not careful.
The beach is totally different on the weekends. Damn tourists. I hate em.
I need 6 more bees before my foot quits hurting.
Heading back to the hotel soon to meet my radio buddy chris and finally meet his wife and kiddo. Later.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Ouch. My foot.

This is such a bummer. Yesterday, while vacationing in San Diego, I had such a great time doing a nice run for an hour. My wife and I love to work out and don nothing the rest of the day while on vacation. I have completely jacked up my foot. What the hell happened. I felt great on my run yesterday. I totally gave up running years ago because of the knee pain it caused. I have been feeling really good running and feeling like I could get back into it. For some reason late yesterday, my foot started feeling like it was broken or something. It hurts like hell. I ran on it again this morning and thought I could run through the pain, bad idea. It's really hurting now for no good reason. No more running for me for awhile.
Plan on laying outside all day. I just finished the best book I've read in a long time. Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. Total chick book but I absolutely loved it. More on that later.
I'm also getting lost in the new Kings of Leon cd "Because of the Times".
I'm almost out of Pacifico, so I'll be hobbing to the store soon.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Vacation at last!

I was so overdue for a vacation. My wife and I are now in Pacific Beach in San Diego. Our hotel is amazing, pics coming soon. We don't really want to do anything each day except get in a good workout and chill. I brought three books with me and plan to blow through all of them.
PB is very cool. It reminds me a lot of Austin. It would have been easy to find a resort in more of a luxury area, but this is far more interesting and funky. The bars and shops have sort of a s. Congress, S. lamar sort of feel, much more our style... although we did just go to Starbucks. I would have opted for a local coffee joint but we couldn't find one and we didn't rent a car.
Everyone is talking about Paris being out of jail. I did hear some clips from the Larry king interview and thought it was lame. Why are we so fascinated with such an incredibly boring person. I'm trying to do a total media deprivation thing while I'm off. I read hundreds of pages of entertainment news every day. I need a break.
It's weird not having our daughter around. This is our second vacation without her ever. The last one was a couple years ago and it was just a long weekend in Mexico. I'm sure we will be missing her a ton before the week is over. I wish there was a hidden camera just so we could see what she's up to.
Heading out for an hour run, then to the beach to chill. I forgot to pack running/workout shorts. What a loser. Running in my swimsuit today, then gotta shop.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Heading to see The Police

I'm heading to Dallas in the morning with a couple of old high school friends to see The Police, our favorite band back in the day. I'm a bit bummed that it's at the AA Center in Dallas. I'm not big on arena shows, but I wouldn't miss this for the world. I'm missed them on the last tour back in '84....because of work and money, much the same reason I missed everything back then.
I have been listening to some Police again as of late. I can't think of anything out there today that makes such a connection over an entire album and then to do it 4 or 5 albums in a was amazing. Don't get me wrong... I'm big on new music but I just can't think of anything that compares today.
I'm also looking forward to the rest of the week off. Heading to San Diego with some serious chill time ahead. Beach, sushi, workout, fish tacos... simple.
I've got a few good books packed and hope it's chilled enough and I can clear my head enough to blow through them.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Parent Wise June '07

Below is an article I wrote for Fathers Day and ran in the June issue of Parent Wise Magazine. Enjoy:

Fathers Day is fast approaching and I’ve managed to survive the first 5 years of fatherhood. It’s been 100 times more difficult than I had ever imagined, but 1,000 times more rewarding. I’ve tried many times over these years to create genuine, fine moments of fatherhood; Mr. Cleaver, Mr. Brady sort of moments. What I’ve realized is that the planned, orchestrated moments of fatherhood are not the finest moments. It’s the little things, the really little things that fathers do that are the most memorable. It’s time and effort, something we all can afford.

I, like many fathers of my generation are overly cautious. Our parenting is well planned, we think we are ready. We have our careers underway, we met with the financial planners and we’ve orchestrated their schooling well. I throw down for everything “on ice”; Elmo on Ice, Disney on Ice, Princess on Ice, Hasslehoff on Ice, you name it. I buy my daughter everything she asks for. Everything that’s almost guaranteed to make her a certifiable brat! This does not necessarily make a good father. It’s taken me time to realize this. It’s very funny when I think about some of the finer moments with my father when I was young. I’ve realized that kids don’t really know what’s it’s like to be poor or broke. They just want time with their dads.

I distinctly remember going to my father’s apartment with my sisters, not long after my parents divorce. I can still picture the apartment. Very simple, red brick on the south side of Kansas City. The building was mostly full of Russian immigrants. I didn’t think much of it at the time; it just was what it was. I do recall that it had a pool behind it, but looking back, it really looked more like a prison yard. My father had almost no furniture. It didn’t really look as if anyone lived there. When he had us for a weekend, we would gather around his t.v. to watch the Kansas City Royals play. We would of course turn down the sound and listen to the coverage on the radio, just as any good baseball fan would. I don’t remember a couch being there for me and my sisters, but I remember the carpet squares, all different colors. My father made mention of it years later. He had found a carpet store in the neighborhood that would give out free sample carpet squares for you to take home. He would go by there every few days, look for a different sales person and ask for some carpet samples. When he got home he would use two sided tape and started from the middle he slowly carpeted the floor, one square at a time. We didn’t care that they were all different colors, we actually thought it was kind of fun. I distinctly remember a game that we watched from those carpet squares. We had tried to go to that game. It was jacket day at Kauffman stadium. We were supposed to be there. On the rare occasion my dad had enough money to take us all to a game it was usually on jacket, hat or jersey day. That way, he could provide some pretty fancy clothing for us as well. We piled into his red Beetle convertible to catch a game. I remember waiting in line for hours to get our free jacket. It started to rain, causing a rain delay and it appeared as if we might be just beyond the final free jacket to be given out. Word spread through the line and fights started to break out. My dad, fearing for our safety and most likely his own, took us home. I remember drying off from the rain in that little apartment and enjoying the game just the same on tv. My dad popped a grocery bag full of popcorn. That’s how you do it with four kids. I don’t think any of us cared that we didn’t get to go to the game that day, we were just happy to be with our father.

It was a rare occasion that we actually did go to a game. I had memories of going all the time, but it was probably just a handful of times. I guess my dad sold more shoes or something those weeks. We would always eat before we went, concessions were just too pricey. Dad would escort us quickly past the souvenir stand. I don’t think we ever asked to stop. We would always sit in right field. That was just “our spot”. I had no idea until I got older that those were the cheap seats. This is where all the long haired, shirtless drunks were. They would shout profanities at the opposing team… and by the end of the game, each other. Typically by the 7th inning or so, we would see security escort at least one of them out and the entire section would “Boo” the security. We were the underdogs in right field and the Royals were underdogs in 1976, so we were double underdogs, especially against the Yankees and the drunk, sun burnt guy deserved to stay. It also wasn’t until later in life that I realized the other sections were completely different. I had no idea that people wore shirts and something other than cut offs. The kids were well groomed and had every souvenir and food item imaginable. It would have been quite an event to sit behind the batter with the quiet fans, but I wouldn’t trade all of that for that for the rowdy section or that day on the carpet squares, soaking wet, eating homemade popcorn.

I have hundreds of memories like this. Reflecting back, it wasn’t the expense, the event or the prize. It was time and effort from dad. He did what he could and clearly gave us his undivided attention, when he could. If only I can remind myself of that as I’m bombarded with entertainment options for my daughter. Sure, I love Mario Lopez on Ice as much as the next guy, but I’ll plop down on the carpet with my daughter and share a bag of popcorn instead. I hope she has a fond memory of it 30 years later, just as I do.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Laughter is the best medicine

They say laughter is the best medicine. It can obviously change your mood but also your health. A growing trend in India are Laughter Clubs where people get together on a regular basis and just start laughing. It's supposed to help with their mental state and health. We actually starting to see the pop up in the U.S. Look here for a laughter club near you. Just to kick it off, watch this video and tell me it doesn't make you feel better for the rest of today. Bookmark this page and come back as often as you need.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tim Sanders in Austin

What a great couple of days. About 5 years ago I became such a huge fan of a guy named Tim Sanders. He came to speak at one of our radio conferences a couple years ago and shared with us his theories on "Branding" and "Likeability". I really took his theories to heart and have managed to stay in touch with him over the years, mostly to let him know how much his teachings have helped me with my career and friendships.
It was great to have Tim visiting Austin, chat over a few beers one eve and catch his speech at part of the Texchange meeting.
It's strange, Tim is about 8 years older than me, but looks at least 10 years younger than me. Also, when I listen to the guy, I feel like I'm in my early 20's, bright eyed and wanting to learn. He's a great mentor.
Having him come through Austin was such a great reminder and reinforcement that I need to continue to learn and grown personally, emotionally and socially. The last couple days have been full of valuable lessons.
Become a fan, read his books and subscribe to his blog. You will grow as a person.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Putting American Idol to Shame

I so wish that this guy would have been on American Idol. Just as A.I. is starting to feel like it is rinse, lather, repeat, this guys would have been a breath of fresh air. This is amazing.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Target! The greatest... well, maybe not.

I was going to sit here and tell you how impressed I am with Target and how amazing they are with their online service.... but that changed. Here's what happened.
My wife was looking for a new toy box for our daughters room. She found what she wanted online with Target. Why pay for shipping and wait for it if you can use their new online feature. With this new feature, you can search the local inventory and find out if it's in stock. The online search showed that it was at Targhetto, not our usual target, but one just a mile or so further, that's older and not near as nice. She packs up the kiddo to give me some free time to hop on the spin bike and do some stuff like bang out a blog. (that sounds dirty) Anyway, I intended to tell you how great this feature was, what a time and money saver. Most moms are like my wife, very little extra time on their hands. She was so impressed that she new exactly where to get it.
Of course, she gets there, out of stock. Leaves Targhetto, where my daughter wants to leave with SOMETHING. She's five after all.... since she's out and about and on a mission they also swing by our usual Target...out of stock too. She... and now me... are not so happy. You know how marriage is...she no happy, me no happy.
Point is... all the technology in the world can do more harm than good if it doesn't work properly. We'll never trust this online feature again and I'm guessing she might widen her search to other online retailers if she feels like she has to pay the shipping and wait anyway.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Great Bud Light Commercial

I absolutely love great commercials. You ever think how hard it is to make an impression in 60 seconds? I will buy some Bud Light just out of respect for this ad.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

daughter growning up

my daughter who is 5 1/2 years old, had a dance recital dress rehearsal today. They have the full blown outfit, a specific hair syle and MAKEUP! That freaked me out. I came home today and my little girl had on full blown makeup. It was as if I was looking at someone entirely different. I didn't know who this person was. I hated it. The hard part was, as much as I hated it, I needed to let her know I loved her and give her some encouragement for the dress rehearsal.
Of course I immediately thought of Jon Benet Ramsey in her pageant makeup. Why do these dance studios do this to these little girls? Women can blame magazines, models, media and men all they want, but I am witnessing that this over the top appearance problem is coming straight from women
This upcoming dance recital would be just the same if the little girls didn't have on all this makeup. Why do they do this? It really bums me out. I know that my daughter is enjoying I want to be supportive, but they could have left the hooker makeup out!
We finally got the makeup washed off and she and I went out for sushi tonight. She was so wonderful and so fun to be around. She did look so grown up. I had to stop a couple times and take in the moment. It literally paused for a couple moments tonight and was brought to tears over how grown up she looks and acts. I'm not ready to see this little todler go, but it's happening right in front on my eyes.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Addison Sheppard? What the.....

This is so weird just starting to watch Grey's Anatomy when everyone has been watching and talking about this for three seasons. The good thing is that I have had most of it tuned out for the past few years. I remember a few of the conversations, but for the most part this is all new. I managed to watch season one in a week. Did you know they only did 9 episodes in season one? What an insane cliff hanger, meeting Addison at the end of season one. How did you guys manage to wait so long to find out the deal on that? I can find out what happens tomorrow. Are they split up? I'm assuming she lives back in New York. Where you all pissed at him when you found this out?
Season one was pretty amazing. Even the jerk characters have grown on me like Christina and Alex.
Does George ever quit acting like such a doofus? He's such a quirky, nervous, immature dork that I'm just not buying that he's a doctor.
Knowing from the tabloids that George and Dr. Burke have been written off the show for their off air issues, I don't care. I don't think they will be missed unless they really stepped it up in seasons two and three.
Why didn't you tell me that we get to see Izzy and Merideth in their underwear so often, I would have started watching this a long time ago.
I'll start season two this week. 27 episodes!

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Working with Dustin Downing

If you are out and about in one of Austin's hipper stores or restaurants, look for the new Rare Magazine. I've started writing for them and you can find my article at the very back.

The cool thing is that I got to work with a hipster photographer for some shots just for my article. His name is Dustin Downing and he was great to work with.

The Austin American Stateman just did a big writeup on him on Thursday. If you have a second, check this out and you can see some of his photographs as well. Check out that article here:

or check out his website here:

still on time

Waiting in my car in dripping springs for about 5 guys to do a group bike ride. It's 20 min after the proposed atet time and I'm still the only one here. They are all on their way. Am I the only one who shows up on time anymore?

On a lighter note. Raleigh rode her bike with me on the hike and bike trail for the foray time sans training wheels. She did a great job dodging joggers and had a blast. She was a bit nervous about riding before the start. So proud of her.